Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Impatience – I see it everyday, in the man waiting in line at the bus ticket window, in the boss who’s calling for his staff to submit their respective reports pronto, in the mother who yells at her young kid having a loud tantrum, in the customer who’s waiting for the sales clerk to get back with her shoe size, or some other episode like it somewhere else you look. And yes I do see myself in it or other similar situations in my day. Funny thing too is that I think it’s not me but the other person as the one at fault and causing much of my annoyance.

Oh yeah I remember like Mom used to say ‘Honey, it’s easier to point the finger at someone else rather than point the finger at yourself.’

But I countered with ‘Mom, I wouldn’t be this irritated if they would simply do their job right!’

And do you know what she’d say to that? ‘Nothing always goes the way you like it -- Maybe sometimes but not every time. Things can go crazy somewhere there and you just have to learn to deal with it.’

‘Things can go crazy…’ Yeah, come to think of it, how sure are we that the ticket machine won’t jam on this particular day, or that an employee would get the flu on deadline day, or that the kid is sick or something, or that the sales clerk got buried under heaps of shoe boxes as it got accidentally knocked down in the store room? We’re never sure that everything will work 100% all of the time, that things will always be there when you need it, that people will be at their top energy levels 24/7. That’s not the way things work out. Things can and will go crazy, like it or not.

‘..learn to deal with it’ Okay, maybe we can try for some bit of creativity to this perennial dilemma in our lives. How bout…

-take a book along to the bus terminal, read it while you wait for your turn at the counter machine

-setting a pseudo deadline for your staff to work towards, maybe just a day or two off from the actual deadline thus giving a margin for replacements to fill in for ‘no show’

-do the cooking or other chores at a set time before the kid is fully awake, and keep your bonding time with him strictly your time with him with no interruptions

-while the sales clerk is in the stock room, browse through the other shelves and check out the shoes you’d like to buy next time or something which might interest your daughter, or call up the maid at home and check if she finished with the ironing.

There will be other interesting ways one can think of or devise to downplay impatience or maybe crush it to smithereens. Anything that will get your nerves and blood pressure cool and steady or give you the chance to be nice to the people around you is worth the investment in patience for. It will be worth all that effort.

And if still that doesn’t work, raise your eyes to the heavens and pray “Lord, grant me patience!”

Patience is the ability to idle your motor
when you feel like stripping your gears. (Anonymous)

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