Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If there is anything which succeeds to exasperate me at any time is the utter refusal of someone to learn. I’m sorry but I just can’t understand why some people when coming up to a certain age or point in their lives would simply give up on learning. I can’t believe that some people would be content with what they already know or have learned and wouldn’t care to learn anything else new anymore. This does not refer to scholarly pursuits although that too is a very good idea. What I’m driving at is the learning or to put it this way… the gaining or acquiring of new wisdom - information - facts - understanding - insights - perception or self-knowledge as we go through life.

To my mind when God created us He created us complete but it doesn’t stop there. Complete yet not perfect. The ultimate goal set for us is to someday be with Him in our final home where everything is perfect. So then being in an imperfect state as we are now and to be worthy to enter heaven’s doors, we must go through the process of ‘refining’ -- a constant shedding of old useless layers and the growing of new ones. The sole intent of which is to transform us into the perfect creatures we were meant to be. But you know what? God didn’t plan to do that all by Himself. How do I know that? It’s putting one and one together, meaning don’t we always find ourselves up against a constant barrage of challenges in life which always draw out from us a myriad of reactions decisions perceptions? These in turn define who we are and what we can become? So seeing the potential in the midst of all that misery makes me think that surely it’s there for a reason and somebody is directing the whole show. Thus using our free will to respond to each and every situation is undoubtedly our participation to God’s plan – He being that someone directing the whole show! Thus we’re in this together – God and us.

We must do our part in our own transformation. How do we do this? We learn and learn… and learn some more. The process is something like this…. LEARN, UNLEARN, RELEARN. We learn all that life has to offer us– experience, lessons, education, instruction, mistakes, 0coaching. But whatever we find in those things which do not serve or contribute to our well-being and growth – things which only serve to hurt and harm us, we must shed or unlearn it – run it through serious thinking, discover what does not work, go back to the basics. So we start relearn things again but in a much better light and understanding than what we had before and with this new learning grow higher into knowledge maturity and wisdom. If you think that the process ends where it ends, it does not. The learning continues all through our lives with each new step taking us closer to our goal until we finally reach our destination. All of life is learning. So don't stop learning, it is a task but a joint undertaking with your God. You will come out of it fully rewarded, that's for sure. That's God's plan for you all along.


  1. Learning is important, especially to cope with the changing needs of this world. But the problem is once we acquire a status in life we start believing that we are beyond the need and stage of learning. We actually see learning as a very humble process and not an edifying exercise - and that's where this reluctance to learn comes from. Complacency also sets in due to age...we tend to think if we have managed to wade through life so far with whatever little we know, then what's the need to learn more. This, I think, stems from the view that learning is a children's process and not meant for adults with real time experience.


  2. I agree with every word you've said here, Indrasish. So very true. It's wonderful to see that we share the same point of view. :-)

    And why I urge people not to give up learning all through out life. Learning does not belong in schools alone .. it is part of everything that we do and all that happens to us. :-) Learning takes us higher up the ladder of growth knowledge and wisdom each time.

    Thanks for the visit. God bless you.


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