Monday, November 19, 2007


It is quite strange that when stuck in a serious difficulty and you feel that everything around you has crumbled down and you think that you don't have it anymore to make it through...... that God stubbornly nudges you forward whispering in your ear ' you can do it! ' Somebody tell me just how can anyone come out of the same situation I found myself in a week ago? Mentioned the situation in the previous blog. Have you ever created something out of nothing?? No? I have... proudly I can say that I have. It's nothing new cos many have done it before me with the same amount of success or maybe perhaps even more. It's neither weird stuff cos we read it in the papers or hear it in first hand experiences narrated in group chats among friends. But this I'll tell you, there is only one hope and one truth that you should ever know.. the rest are simply embellishments to it.

This is that if you believe in a god --- rejoice that you do! Because this one God you believe in is your sole savior - protector - shield - defense - healer - provider in every or all of the challenges of your life, big or small. When everything else fails, God is there. When your own strength in which you have always took pride and confidence in also is no comfort or refuge --- God moves things and people to come to your rescue and relief.

Do you know that everything belongs to God and that he can use all of it for your concern or welfare? Do you know that everything are simply instruments in God's holy hands and can be sent out to do what he wills at any time of day or night? Do you know that not all your brilliance or titles or knowledge or intelligence or power or wealth can work out the miracles you would one day desire for yourself or your loved ones? Believe me, that day will come to everyone as it did to me (fact is, my family and I are 'veterans' lol). :-)

If you don't know that yet.... you'll be in for some tough lessons. Lessons which will lead you to your own spiritual growth and maturity. Oh but don't let that intimidate or overwhelm you. But I'll tell you honestly it can be scary and lonely. Although the process could leave you bruised in your heart and soul... it's all for a good cause -- God's good cause for you!

You see, God wants his children to grow and to enjoy a deep relationship with him, not just the morning and evening prayer kind of relationship. He wants to take you to a point when you can comfortably share your joys and sorrows with him unembarrassed and fearlessly. He doesn't want to be on a pedestal with you simply looking up and honoring him... he wants to be right there beside you journeying with you through this short speckled life on earth. He wants you to receive him as a Father Brother and Friend.... and all other roles you may want him to be in the varying challenging moments of life and living. And the only way to make you come to that privileged point --- is to make you experience the process leading to it.

Like gold is passed through the fire to polish it, you and I will go through difficulties to hone our faith and trust in him. Be assured that we will come out at the end of the tunnel shining in our true light and glory as pure gold does after the furnace.

God bless you!

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