Sunday, September 28, 2008


Stick-to-itiveness’ – that’s a word Mom would freely use when reminding me of my goals. She’d say ‘be like glue and be sticky!’ She was kidding of course but she made sense I soon found out on my own when she passed away several years later.

It’s something like this. It’s determinedly focusing on something which you strongly believe in no matter what other people may say to the contrary. It’s working harder than the rest because you know well deep inside that it’s all going to be worth your blood, sweat, and tears someday. It’s pushing the button even harder when friends say you should give it up. It’s trusting in yourself and in what you are capable of even if they say that you can’t or never can. It’s strongly believing in possibilities and potential and that this could happen to you -- Because, to quote Mom, ‘whatever you give fully from your heart and soul the universe in its wisdom will give back to you in full measure too’.

Goals and dreams are not easy to pursue… whatever they are or whatever size they may be, big ones -- small ones. You’d be up against all known resistance or conflict and impediment that all seem to conspire to get you off the track or make things so hard for you that you’d begin thinking of shifting gears and taking another road – an easier one. I often wondered just where these difficulties real or imagined come from. They usually crop up when least expected or least needed. But then again Mom would say ‘they’re there to see if you got the stuff to follow your dream’. Oh they do huh?! Well, I told Mom with the best bravado I could muster ‘this is one person who won’t buckle down with the slightest difficulty’. Mom would simply smile to that (and that made me feel quite uneasy). Why do mothers always see through their children?! And so to make a long story short -- I persevered doggedly, determinedly, persistently, resolutely, tenaciously, and whatever-else-you-may-call-it but which should mean ‘stick-to-itiveness’ in Mom’s dictionary. But I did get there (…to some of my goals; am working still on the rest) and I’ve loved that word ever since…using it like I use my toothbrush everyday. Next to God, Mothers know best.

Consider the postage stamp, my son. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there." -- Josh Billings

(That's Maxie in the picture there, the youngest of our three dogs. She sure can teach you what 'determination' means. lols :-) Yeah, she succeeded to win a piece of Skittles from us.)


  1. Yet again a wonderful expression of words.......truly meaningful and intriguing.

    Stick-to-itiveness, Bingo! I will remember this forever now!!

  2. Trusting in myself sounds like a good idea. I think I need a little reminder to do that every now and then. Sometimes I forget in the heat of the moment.

    I love the pic - lol! It's awesome!


  3. Hi jigyasa!

    Great to see you here again. :-)
    Thank you for the lovely compliment.
    Even lovelier coming from you.
    I hope you're having a good week.
    May God pour out all good blessings
    upon you and your family. :-)

  4. Hi Joel!

    Great seeing you here. :-) You know, some of my readers are into music too; I'd sure like them to meet you. Mind if I put your link in my blog list? :-)

    Oh but we all do sometimes, Joel. And we need to be nudged back in again. :-) Back to trusting in ourselves and what we are capable of.

    Hahahah my youngest daughter Malen took that shot of Maxie who had her eyes on the pack without letup. Stopped only when we gave her a few bits. lols :-)

    Take care. God bless!

  5. hi Ellen!
    lovely post!
    i have been talking to my self for quite some time now, that 'go on the same track, and when u find it tougher, try harder, change ur gear, change ur car...whatever... keep ur eye on ur destination, cry for it, die for it, get it my dear'
    u always fuel my aggression, u r so inspiring... thanks a alot!
    take care!
    have a nice time!

  6. Hi Amit,

    We cannot do any less than giving our best shot to the task at hand. We should aim to win in life. And even if we sometimes fail, all is not lost... because there is also such a thing as winning in failure. If life's lessons (be it success or failure) are not lost in you -- then that, my dear friend, is the mark of a true winner.

    Thanks for the visit.
    Love it when you come.
    Blessings to you & your family.

  7. Hello Ellen

    I follow same principle .. And at my times i end up holding mine against world out there.

    My dad always says that do whatever you want to till you honestly know that you are right ( dont fake the honesty) and as soon you feel like you are deceiving your own .. let that fly out of that lil vent .

    Thats what i do .. and i dont care what others are talking behind my back. I cant impress everyone out there in the world right. Some are bound to feel the same pleasure which i do and some just dont ..

    So i leave em .. and move on

  8. Life cannot be lived with other people's standards or perceptions. Life is personal -- we live our life according to us. Whether we make it or break it is entirely our responsibility and accountability. The only other thing which we should be careful about is that nobody gets hurt in the process. Having our pie at the expense of others is a big no-no.

    You know, I love it when you come visiting... it's my pleasure entirely. Hope you're having a good week. My best regards to your family and wish you tons of blessings -- with your loved ones too. :-)


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