Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There are two ways of looking at life, people, the world. One is from your own standpoint and the other is from the other person's. Both don't always agree and that usually makes for the inconsistencies that we see around us in most everything. But life is actually lived in personal terms sieved through our individual beliefs, preferences, insights, opinions, knowledge, and understanding. We don't usually bother about what people may think, as much as we can anyway. We do our thing with what is dished out to us trying as best as we can to be worthy of being alive... of life. We all do that... you, me, the guy next door... everybody. But whoever we are or where we come from, we have our story and we matter. Honestly the world will look like a messy place when we would look out to it from a heart that isn't quite sorted out. That's true because we have to figure out how we want to see the world and with what. We can't just take what's there and work something out and hope to God it turns out alright. That's not how things work out.

So then from where I stand now these are the stories I've seen and heard, and lived quite a few myself .....

-- joining the band wagon won't always get you to where you want to go... especially if you had joined the wrong one. Know when to leave. Leave!

-- when life hands you lemons, it's okay to cry because that's what you're supposed to do with it.. cry. But when you're done crying, shake yourself and say 'nope, you've seen nothing yet'. Then work hard with everything you've got. Walk your talk.

-- people won't always agree to everything you say unless you have succeeded to pull familiar strings in his heart or memory.

-- when you give a piece of praise, give it not because you aim to please. But give it because you agree that that person is indeed wonderful.

-- it could be true that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But also true is the fact that your side of the fence can be greener too or so much more if you simply remembered to nurture it.

-- you are the only one in the world, there is nobody like you elsewhere... and so does the rest of humankind think about themselves. But that is not the problem. The problem is we can't seem to agree that we all belong here -- together, side by side.

And so much more and we know them all, don't we?


  1. The post contains some real pearls of wisdom. I would like to praise Ellen for this post not because I wish to please her but because I feel that she is indeed deserving

  2. "when you give a piece of praise, give it not because you aim to please. But give it because you agree that that person is indeed wonderful." and since I truely believe that this post is wonderful I would give my love and appreciation
    to the deserving writer :)

  3. Such a post can only come from you Ellen. Thanks for the insight, gone deep down in my heart.


  4. What can I say :-)?! Am overwhelmed by such heartwarming response to the post.

    KP, SANA, PEARL... :-)
    guys, you warm my heart so! Thank you for your kind and generous words of appreciation. God bless you with everything good way beyond measure.

  5. Ellen,

    If we could see life with our point of view as well as with a peek from other's too, it would be much easier to be happy and spread happiness around. Life does throw challanges and it is upto us to face them boldly to achieve what we set out for. Each of your advices compete with other for top place. So nice about giving praise and grass can be greener on our side too if we nurture it well. How true.

    Take care

  6. Jack, how wonderful it is to see you in the blog each time! Thank you for this lovely visit and for your wisdom. Take care too. God bless you and your family.


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