Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I start out with a set of expectations for every new experience coming my way. But almost always these expectations get dumped or brushed aside because something else is being formed or brought forth holding its own distinct wonder and flavor.

But if I so stubbornly held on to my expectations, it would have come out in a far different way I think. It would then be something that was according to ‘my’ wants, ‘my’ set of parameters or conditions, and ‘my’ desired results.

Where is the thrill in that? ‘Expectations’ rob the thrill off a new experience. Yes, they do. And if you’re going to say that one can’t detach himself from having expectations on anything and everything, I’ll say yes to that, but…..let those expectations be tempered with knowing that some things will happen when they happen without any help from you.

So don’t try to color it by setting down expectations, yours, for it to arrive at ‘your’ desired results. Let the new experience ride. Let it reveal to you its wonder, beauty, joy, magic, adventure, delight, wisdom, truth in its own distinct and unique way.

Let it perhaps squeeze out of you feelings which you may have forgotten or have chosen to ignore. Let it alter some old preconceived notions about things and people, perhaps make you see that perhaps you have been wrong about them after all?

Expectations are good, has its uses, but don’t let it stand in the way of wonder and learning.


  1. Ellen,

    It is good to have expectations and aspirations but one should also be ready to adapt as per circumstances and rise to face new challanges.

    Take care

  2. You know what, Jack, it is always a delight when we come to have similar views on a topic. But am not surprised at all because you are a person of good sense, deep understanding, and broad insights. You always see the point. It's great to know you.

    Thanks for your lovely visit.
    Wish you tons of blessings.. for you and your family.


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