Friday, September 16, 2011


Comes a moment when the heart seems to long for something. Something you can't put your finger on.... elusive... distant... unreachable... intangible... unreal.

When I hear this played somehow my thoughts settle and my heart begins to rest on calm serene soothing strains of this enchanting melody. And I am me again.

(This lovely and exquisite melody "Claudine" is played on the piano by Maksim Mrvica. I could listen to this over and over... again and again. It has become a part of my day... my life.)


  1. I loved it soooooooooooooooooo much that I added it in my favs on youtube..:-)

  2. So delighted that you did. Isn't it just so hauntingly beautiful??! I could listen to it all day, Mishi. :-)

  3. em planning to have it in my cell phone..I will listen to it all day too then:-)

  4. :-) Wow I now have a soul sister in music! Yes, this one is such an exceptionally exquisite piece. Listening to it gives you that top of the hill feeling --- wind caressing your face, azure skies, clouds wafting through, .... your soul wrapped in the haunting melody of a dance.

    Hey that's a great idea... might try it on my cell phone too. :-)

  5. Thanks, KP. It does wonders in calming a harried day. I become me again.. thanks to Maksim's music.

  6. Hi Ellen, will listen to this.. :) slow downloading here now :(

    Have nice time,

  7. Aww gee, but be patient... it will be worth the wait. Cos this is one music you will want to come back to repeatedly. Great to see you, Prams!

  8. Ellen,

    Music is one of the most effective remedies for depression or loneliness. And soft low volumed music in the background increases productivity.

    Take care

  9. Music soothes the heart of a beast. Right, Jack? :-) Take care too.


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