Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I like those lines.... no, I love those lines. The now moment. This moment sitting here at the computer typing out these words... this moment is special. Not for any reason but simply because.

Thoughts are special .. one gives birth to it but it takes on a life of its own .. moves from one person to another .. transforms itself as more or less is added or removed from it. It becomes someone else's thoughts until again it is time to move on to the next ownership and experience. Thoughts are timeless.... immortal.

The heart is special. When one looks at his day with his mind.... he will see nothing there but ordinary mundane stuff. But try to look at your day with the eyes of your heart... and you will see awesome - magnificence - beauty - miracles ... things beyond your imagination. The heart sees worthy things from the hands of God.

Life is special. You don't live because you deserve to live. There is nothing we can put into life that would make life worthy. Not by our efforts. It comes from something much bigger than you and me, bigger than life itself. Life is a GIFT. And the Giver has decided to bless us with it because he loves us this BIG!

Make every day, hour, minute, moment in your small temporary life so SPECIAL.

Live SPECIAL with all of who you are.


  1. If you ask me to make a precis of what you have written,I wonder whether I can.It is already concise and crisp with nothing redundant conveying the inspiring message.

  2. I Loved those Lines too..never read them before..thankz for sharing..and yes YOu are right..Life is special..all of it..and we should enjoy every second of it:-)

  3. Following this makes life so enjoyable and meaning to ourselves first :) before proving point to the world we must do it for oursleves, this is one of the best to follow..

  4. Thank you for your generously kind comment, KP. Hope you're having a pleasant and blessed day.

  5. I agree, Mishi, to what you have said..."..Life is special..all of it..and we should enjoy every second of it :-) " Thanks for your lovely visit.

  6. "...we must do it for oursleves..." How true that is, Prams. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ellen,

    How true! If we keep waiting for special moment to do something for our or partner's happiness, we will keep waiting as every time we will feel that moment is not yet right. One should live each moment as if it is special and let the special ones too be little extra.

    Take care

  8. I like this, Jack >> "One should live each moment as if it is special and let the special ones too be little extra." Bless you!


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