Sunday, January 8, 2012


I watched the movie 'Smurfs' with my daughter last night in the living room. Cute entertaining and amusing lil' characters. But there was this line said by Papa Smurf in that scene with Neil Patrick Harris which stuck to my mind long after the movie was over.... Not verbatim but in essence it goes this way -- 'In knowing what to do, the small voice must come from the heart.'

But how many of us do listen to that tiny voice in our hearts? And do we ever listen? Easily we attach more importance to what the mind dictates. Like it never fails us. Well, sometimes it delivers where and when it should. But I have learned that some things are better thought of or lived from/with the heart.

Better exemplified with the people in our lives. People give life so much meaning. Reason enough that we should and must handle it with care. And it's better done with the heart than anything else there could ever be.

Oh sure we also get the 'unlovables' -- unpleasant characters to say the least. Nope, I don't pretend to love the hard-to-love characters in my journey. That's not how it usually works, in reality. But on looking at the bigger tapestry of life, that too (if you'll think hard enough) is part of our growing and learning. Nothing is ever bad if you try to look at it from the standpoint of God. After all there's always a reason for things happening, by God's design. You have to learn to look at it that way or you'll go crazy trying to figure it out.

When you deal with people, it's wise to think twice first. More often we get confused or bewildered as to what the right thing to say or do at any given situation good or bad. We can make mistakes with that confusion and risk hurt feelings or hearts broken. It's a pull between 'reaction' and 'consideration'. But if we stop awhile and listen to that small voice from within.... right there in the heart, you'll get things right more often than not. On the side of care and understanding.

The heart, as designed by God, speaks the language of kindness, compassion, sympathy, consideration, understanding, empathy, concern, gentleness, honesty, truth, humility, and more which altogether form the heart and person of a child of God. You do know we are created in His image. That's who we are.

That small voice within, coming from the heart, is the voice that makes things right. Let's pay more attention. Try to listen more. The heart, our heart, is the core of our being ..... and the heart is where God makes his home in us.


  1. That muted voice coming from within from our heart as you have rightly said is divine being the place where God resides in us.Our conscience,another name for the inner voice, is always pure,truthful and virtuous and one who heeds to it would come to no great regret.
    Thanks for the nice post

  2. You got that down pat, KP. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  3. Ellen,

    From times immemorial tussle between heart and mind has been going on. Mind is business inclined while heart is love or relationship one. It is true that there are persons who make one not to love them, so it is best to ignore them. One surely needs to keep feelings of others in mind before saying something which may be hurtful. That is what hearts ensures. That is why those who do diabolic acts are called heartless.

    Take care

  4. Hi Jack, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's appreciated. Hope that you're having a pleasant day. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  5. I love your post Ms.Ellen..I can't add anything have said it so right..every little thing that we must come from within..our hearts..passing by Ms.Ellen gudnyt *hugs* ;)

  6. Another inspiring thoughts from you Ellen, thanks for sharing.

  7. Always a pleasure for me to see you pass by, Sie. Thanks for taking time. Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Hi Kid! :-) Your appreciation inspires me to keep writing. Thanks so much! Hope you have a lovely and blessed day.


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