Thursday, January 19, 2012


We get plenty.... real people in our lives in the past and present and in the future (who knows who we'll be meeting) --- who in very special ways give us some learning and knowledge that help make a difference in our lives, one-way-or-another in-small-or-huge-measure.

I have my own share too. Some don't even know that they are to me. But they teach me so much more than what I have learned in school... just by living good lives, being led by good attitudes, taking on the challenges of life one day at a time with a good amount of positivity, and understanding the power of faith. Other than my parents and family and close friends, most of them are ordinary simple people... the young housewife who does nails on the side, the cleaning lady, the laundry woman, the 'taho' (soya) vendor, the taxi driver-friend (suki), the elderly jeepney barker at the terminal on the main road who never fails to give my daughters and me his great toothless smile... and many more spread out through the years of my life tapestry.

Somehow in some unexpected unplanned ways we get glimpses or snippets of teaching or learning from them. Unawares and without trying to they open up our world bigger and wider. We come out of each encounter much better persons.

And there is this other mentor or mentors.........

A ray of warm sunlight, drops of rain, a soft and gentle breeze, a budding flower, the bluest of skies, trees doing their nature dance in the wind, waves rolling to the shore, mountains marking the horizon with their greatness and splendor, or quiet gentle meadows and fields, a full moon on a starlit night, the twinkling of stars on a clear night sky, or a huge tree trunk standing -- bare quietly holding up its own testimony on the irreversible passing of time .....

We all sit at their feet as they teach us how beautiful nature is. We learn how so much similar to our human life is its own gift of life. They are born... live... love... die.

All of them.... precious mentors. All of those lessons learned... treasured gems.
And everything in summing up leads to this one simple truth -----
God, in teaching us, uses all of his creation to carry out the job.

May God's grace and light shine upon you! :-)

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  1. Ellen,

    So true. Learning is never ending process and we can learn from anyone or anything if we have that positive attitude to seek knowledge.

    Take care


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