Thursday, June 26, 2008


"I have learned that being kind is more important than being right."

Why do people have this fierce quest to be right all of the time? Why do people think that being right ups their personal value more than anything else? Well, maybe yes, or maybe no.

‘Does it matter? He is wrong and we are right.’ That’s what we would always say. Aww c'mon, is that what it is?! But life isn’t all about being right all of the time. Right doesn’t always make us the good guys. If we pursue and defend right in a manner that appears heartless, mean, ruthless, or demeaning then whatever our good intent that sense of being right would be lost in the pieces of a shattered heart --- a broken spirit.

We go to extra lengths to defend being right or prove a point which we think is the correct one. But did we ever stop to think just how this hard badgering and hammering is affecting the other person? That the words we speak although of good intent may not be the right things to say to him? That we have become blind in our hearts and fail to see that the other person is hurting?

How about trying on his shoes for a change and see how that feels? Maybe then you will wish so hard that the world or people were a little bit kinder? That it’s not so much being right but being kind which truly matters? That people can be wrong, true, but are we always kind?

Being right is okay in its proper time intent and place, but being kind is more important --- because it’s in being human and humane that we truly make the grade.


  1. wise words!

    while reading, i realized that i am still in the process of learning about this so called life. still a long way to go for me. :D

  2. Hi Lei, so nice to see you here! :-)

    Oh don't fret bout it. Kasi we all run the same race, kaya lang iba-iba ang bilis ng takbo. We run each with different strides or pace but everyone will acquire life's lessons and wisdom -- that's for sure.

    The important thing to remember is --- what do you do with the wisdom gained? Because aside from serving your own benefit, it is also meant to serve others with, for their benefit too. So pass your knowledge and wisdom to others whenever you can. You'll never know how it may help others too. Strive to be God's tool or instrument in His ministry of love and care for others. You will be blessed a hundredfold by this.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hi Ellen:
    I was reading part 2 of your lessons learned and your thoughts on kindness brought me back to one of my posts on mothers abandoning their infants. I thought the rage that morphed into words was a little judgmental. Part of me is asking - what is it inside these mothers' minds and hearts that they really wrestle with yet cannot come to some comforting answers? Reading your post, I thought the desire to understand their inner world would already be an act of kindness. Blogging is learning from within and from out.And so the desire to connect...

  4. Beautifully said! The 'desire to understand' is the beauty of your soul. Give it full expression through your pen. You'll never know the good it will do to someone out there when he or she comes to read your thoughts. That good may change a life or lives.

    Blessings to you, my friend.


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