Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Miracles happen everyday. It's true because my life stands witness to that. God works in strange ways beyond man's ordinary comprehension. Come to think of it, our life has been nothing but ONE MIRACLE AFTER ANOTHER! Who can beat that?! When many are searching far and wide for the miracles they want to see in their lives... we have it in ours EVERYDAY.

Trials.. what are they? If not opportunities to see God work his power and might. Opportunities to make us see just how much HE loves us, no matter our unworthiness. We are petty, weak, flawed, not without sin -- but that doesn't matter to HIM. HE sees beyond that. HE sees our heartbreaks.. disappointments.. hurts.. pain.. hopelessness.. struggles.. helplessness.. our smallness and mortality. And understands!

Thus out of the great love in HIS heart HE moves to comfort.. heal.. save.. strengthen.. encourage.. enlighten.. inspire.. provide.. guide.. and so much more HE becomes simply to match our need. HE becomes everything we need HIM to be, with or without our asking HIM to. That is how much GOD loves HIS children... and that means all of us!! When HE does that it's not like one formula applies to everybody. Rather HE connects to us one-on-one! You're a person to HIM, not just a face in the crowd.

How can we match that? We can't! But we can try to be the best of what we can be with who we are-what we have... and walk beside HIM in trust and love. A life journey we take with HIM side by side.

Lest we forget, God wants us to understand too that in the same way HE is good to us... we must also be just as good to our brethren. We must not let God's love stop with us but it must be moved on along or passed on to the next person who too has need of God's magnificent love. You probably have seen that movie "Pay It Forward" -- that is God's love in action through ordinary people.

This is how we honor HIM, this is our thanksgiving to HIM, and this is what children of GOD do. Don't hesitate, don't be scared. One need not be faultless or sinless or perfect to do God's work nor wait till one is worthy. Because mortals can never be worthy in this lifetime. What we can do instead... is to be and do what we can with who we are and with what God has blessed us with. God does not wait or need perfect servants but HE uses WILLING servants to do HIS work. We need to understand that in doing God's work it is not all about you... it is all about GOD. And the best way to do that is to love and serve one another in the spirit of God's love.

Be blessed and stay blessed.
God's love be with you always.


  1. Hello Ellen:)


    I am absolutely thrilled read this amazing wisdom to start my day. Your words inspires confidence, instills faith and belief that even if no one is there to stand with us, there is always our Creator,God Almighty to be there with us at all times,guiding us,leading us,showing us the way even in the most trying times.

    Everything is possible with God. He works wonders and miracles in our lives on a daily basis.We have to observe,see,understand and appreciate the miracles that are taking place in our lives. Often our eyes and minds are closed to these wonders which God lays before us because of our mundane and earthly concerns.

    Amazing words of wisdom which perked me up and lifted up my spirits today.

    Have a fantastic day Ellen:)

  2. Theres so much that we need to thank God, every if we use every second of our life to thank Him, it wont be'll fall short for sure.
    A great post :)

  3. Ellen,

    " One need not be faultless or sinless or perfect to do God's work nor wait till one is worthy." How true! One should see how best he or she can be of help to those in need. It does not have to be only money or material but could be lending a shoulder to cry or lend an ear to let that person vent out his or her sad feelings.

    Take care

    PS : Missing your views in few of current posts.

  4. " is all about GOD. And the best way to do that is to love and serve one another in the spirit of God's love." This sums up the way we should live.An excellent write up that one cannot but garee with.

  5. You know what, Joseph.. I was moved to deep inspiration and gratitude sitting there at the computer writing this piece. There was more to be said; it seemed like the words just came out flowing. But I had to stop where I could lols lest the post grow so very long. :-) But you'll surely agree that it will take volumes to write about God's magnificent love.

    Thank you for dropping by. You do know that it's always a pleasure for me to see you here. Take care and God bless you.

  6. Yes indeed, Sana ... "There's so much that we need to thank God,.." Beautifully said. So nice to see you again. Hope you're having a lovely day. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  7. How true, Jack -- "It does not have to be only money or material but could be lending a shoulder to cry or lend an ear to let that person vent out his or her sad feelings." -- How nicely you have said that. One can't always do the big dramatic high profile ways of helping others. We can do just as well with what we can do where we are at.

    Thank you for sharing and joining your wisdom to the precious others I have received here in the post. It's all sincerely appreciated. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  8. Hi KP,-- "This sums up the way we should live." -- Thank you for your comment. Truly a huge pleasure to see you here. I hope you're having a lovely and wonderfully blessed day. More blessings to you and your family.

  9. I was out of the blogworld for quite some time and I must say it's nice to be back to read your posts again.

    Very inspiring and true. One of the reasons why I love your blog is that your words are a blessing. They teach us a lot and remind us about the more important things in life. Thank you once again for sharing and God bless you and your family more.

  10. So that is why I haven't been seeing you! Missed you, my friend. :-) Now I welcome you back to our blogworld.

    Your kind words are so appreciated, thank you very much. It's also a fact, as your loyal readers would agree, that a good store of wisdom is tucked-up there in your wonderful blog. This makes us coming back for more and appreciating you for generously sharing these with us.

    Take care, Sashin. Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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