Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire."-- Arab proverb

One dreary morning not so far back was one dreary morning I won't ever forget. Why? Because this was when I felt like so totally drained.. exhausted.. spent.. tired.. weary -- like I've never felt before. The reason? Something. Everything. It felt like saying 'I give up' 'This is it. Enough!'. So what was I angry at? or of? Plenty. Plenty that spelled life. And when I shared this with my best friend, she too ranted away with her own woes blues and weariness... and literally flung her hands up above her head in utter exasperation and what seemed to be... surrender and defeat.

You know, sometimes one just has to see oneself mirrored in another person to be jolted out of something unpleasant, to put it mildly. That was a big jolt indeed. I was grateful it came when it did.

"Okay, enough of that drama. Snap out of it cos there's work to be done." I said to her.
"What??!" she snapped back. Well, undoubtedly she was the drama queen in our group.
"Yeah! We need some working on ourselves. And we're starting now." I countered decisively.

That's right. When you feel so down and out, when things get so large and overwhelmingly makes you feel so helpless and small... that's the time to get up - shake the dust off - and get back into the ring again... and punch back hard and much harder. It's important to snap out of it pronto, resist the temptation to dwell on your misery because that only serves to double up whatever negative emotions lie within. If it manages to get a strong hold on you, it might be hard to shake it off later.

Don't lose sight of the goodness you have started with.... good faith, good hope, good intent, good determination, good strength... because it's the vehicle which you will ride on in getting to where you want to go or be. Continuously nurture that desire or courage to be there in the midst of life and living doing your part carving your own niche like thousands of others more are trying to do. And if you keep the spark alive -- fight to keep it there, you will see your strength rising to match it.

And you're ready for the world again.


  1. Yes, do not lose sight of the goodness! :-)

  2. I agree. When you're feeling low and crib / rant, and another joins you adding to your woes, you snap out of it almost instantly to help bring the other person back in form. Focussing on the positive side of life certainly helps!

  3. Welcome, Raajii! It's nice to know that someone out there shares the same kind of sentiment. :-) Good and goodness are what takes us to the better things in life.. things which count by every measure. Thanks for your lovely visit. Have a lovely week and God bless you!

  4. That's right, RGB... we do need to make it the goal to focus on the positive side of life... whatever the turmoil and distractions around us. Standing tall and firm makes the cut. :-) Love it each time I see you here. Thank you for your friendship in the year that passed. May blessings pour out in bushels in your new year. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Hi Ellen, You have a wonderful Blog here, and Thank you for visiting my blog, and becoming a Follower.
    I love all your photos, and all the smiling faces. Now that is a positive message, and who can't help but smile when one is looking at so many smiling faces.
    God Bless you , and Happy New Year.
    Dianne :)

  6. Completey Agree to what you said :))

    And if you keep the spark alive -- fight to keep it there, you will see your strength rising to match it.......

    seriously.... spark is always needed ... be it to live be it to execute ur task..... be it..... to love somebdy.......

  7. my mom indeed writes very well. They say that the best writers are those of genuine emotions and experiences.

    I love you beyond words, Mommy! =D

  8. How lovely to see you, Dianne! :-) Ohhh I guess when God blessed us with smiles.. he also meant that it was to be shared. :-) And that's the one thing so precious that comes so free and warming and priceless. So then am blowing tons of smiles in your direction... :-)

    Thanks for your wonderful visit and your kind words. Delighted! Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  9. What a lovely surprise, Chakoli! Been awhile. How are you? :-) Hey, that was a nice piece you wrote in your blog; left you a message. And wishing you abundant blessings in the new year up ahead. :-)

  10. Friends,

    allow me to introduce to you my daughter, Malen.. the youngest of three as you must have seen in the pictures on the sidebar there. :-)

    Well, no one knows us better than our children. They watch how we live our lives. I only hope and pray that I got through such scrutiny in good shape and with flying colors... hahahah... :-)

    Thanks, Honey. Coming from you, it's like winning the Pulitzer prize. Lols! Bless your beautiful heart and soul.


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