Monday, May 16, 2011


Today I'm on a shooting rampage!

Yeah! Fact is, have been doing it for quite a time now, long before and continuously. And the police -- oh they have no idea who-what-when-where-why. Although I wish that they knew why.

I'm invisible .... and everybody is my target... on the street where I live, out there on the main roads, inside jeepneys, at the mall, at clinics, at the supermarket. Even from here where I stand at my window looking out to my neighborhood street. Because you know why, everybody deserves to be shot with my bullet.

When I see a cripple walking down the street on his poor man's crutches, I shoot him. When I see a family crying at hospital corridors, I shoot them... all of them. When I see an ambulance rushing with sirens blaring, I shoot out a trail of bullets hitting everything animate or inanimate inside and out. When I see a fire truck screaming down the road, I point the bullets in that direction sparing no one and nothing. Recently when I saw this fat lady who, on seeing her husband gaze at sexy young women with a naughty eye, deliberately turned her face away as sadness shadowed her chubby face, I shot her... with two bullets. Of course I shot the husband too, he deserved one. When I saw this old wrinkled man reduced to a mere wisp of a body sitting forlornly in his wheelchair while his family chat nearby oblivious to his presence, I shot him two -- three times. And I shot his family too with a dozen more.

So there you see... if that isn't a shooting rampage, what is??!!! :-)

Bullets? I've got plenty. But if ever I do run out of stock... my BOSS up there sends immediate replenishment. Because you see..... GOD approves of my shooting BULLET PRAYERS!

Bullet prayers give life. It builds up and not destroys. Nothing can stop this bullet, not even the devil.

You want to join the Team? God's hiring. And you can start RIGHT NOW!


  1. Hahaha.Here I unerringly shoot you with half a dozen bullets and a dozen on those whom you hold dear trusting that His grace would be on you and your family always.
    A nice post differently said.Thanks

  2. Whew! Thank heaven you were talking about prayers. I was really worried about you for a while there. This was really funny!

  3. I love your "bullet prayers".....I must try this so simple and so immediate!

  4. Thanks, KP! :-) Remember those cowboy movies of Hollywood? I see myself with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots along with my gun sitting comfy in its holster poised and ready. Then the bad guys are all lined up in front of me a distance away. And the good guys too. Lols! I shoot them all... cos both good and bad deserve a PRAYER!! Psst.... the aim's always good cos I get a lot of practice. Lols!! :-)

    And you, my good friend, have just been shot!
    Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  5. Hahahahahah ... so you think I've gone crazy!! Well yeah, Debbie, in a way you can say so. Cos the job is a nut's job.... a nut who goes crazy over God's faithful love and care for everybody.

    And now you're shot! From here to there it never misses. Shooting more for you and your loved ones. Blessings outpouring over you and all in the family.

  6. Theanne, that's power in your guns.... God's power. What a joyful day for the people you will be targeting!! Blessed are you and others who do God's work. May God's grace and light shine upon you!

  7. I love "bullet prayers" I shoot them up to God all day long and they always hit the target 100% of the time :-)

  8. Hi Ron! A sharpshooter for God! :-) God must be smiling all day. Blessings coming your way, my friend. God bless!

  9. hahahaha
    shooting bulltes...

    u have a funny bone :)

  10. Ellen,

    Psssssssssssssst! I want to be partner in this crime. Please do induct me. I have part time shooting practice.

    Take care

  11. Hi Chakoli,

    Yeah, that was some jolly good mood that morning when I wrote this. :-) But one of the best thoughts of the day that created this piece.

    How are you? Everything okay with life I guess. Always take care. Blessings to you and your family. :-)

  12. Jack, you're in!! Needing a lot of help in that arena, my good friend. That 'shooting' practice can surely come in handy. :-) And while you're at it... I'm spraying you with bullets... for blessings more than your hands and heart can hold. God bless you.


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