Monday, October 31, 2011


"It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason. That is what faith is: God perceived by the heart, not by the reason." ----- Blaise Pascal

The reason why it seems so difficult to believe in God and in what He does for us is because we put our reason in so many other places.... except in the heart. We believe reason for what we think it is as being logical... making sense which we, who consider ourselves very bright smart and intelligent, pride ourselves to understand.

But when is believing in God or having truth faith ever logical or scientific or making sense in terms the human mind alone agrees to? When is it ever bad that in praying to God you sometimes don't get what you want but what you need? Did the world end for you when you cried or were miserable or so depressed over the way things turned out sourly in your life? Did you stop living because you failed, not once but many times? Did it destroy you because you lost a loved one or precious thing?

The answer is NO to all that. Because look at you now. How'd you get there.. where you are at this point in time? Do you think you got there by your own strength, effort, wisdom? Partly perhaps but even that God provided you with. When you lacked strength, He gave you His. How do you explain how you rise up with every fall? How can you explain this when you find hope - help - change .. from nothing at all? How do you explain that despite the numerous mistakes you have made, still you are being blessed with so much more good?

When God answers prayer He answers it with His eyes on your heart.... to what is contained in there. True needs rest in the heart in silence -- a silence God alone understands. So no matter what you may think in your head which often translates itself into your words, it is not what totally nudges God to move. You see the mind and the heart are two separate things, the reason why ofttimes we find ourselves at crossroads in our lives. What moves the heavens is THE heart.

See God with your heart. And if you don't know it still ---- the heart is the language of God.

May God pour out blessings beyond measure upon you and your loved ones, near and far.

P. S. A thought and prayer for November 01 - All Saints' Day .... May the heavens welcome our dear departed ones into the presence of our magnificent God through His Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for us the living and those who have passed.


  1. Amen!

    "God always likes to know again & again what you want"

    Its not that he forgets your needs but he loves to feel the sweetness of your prayer.

    twnmplu... my freind Ellen!

  2. In hindi we have a saying that devotion to god is not a subject to argue and logic, but of trust and faith.

  3. so true Ms. Ellen..sometimes we say life can be so unfair because our own personal wants are not given or like me I went through tough times most specially when I had child abuse from my Mom and when my kids and I where physical abused by my many trials I should say BUT God has showed me that He allowed these situations for me to learn and be was a hard way I should say..BUT I have always had Faith that God has seen each pain and in His time and perfect will..the desires of my heart will be answered..

    as what I have always said..learn to prayer answered at a time.

    Loved your every word Ms.Ellen ;)

  4. My dearest Pearl, and a pearl of a friend :-)

    We have counted years in our friendship and still you are there and this inspite of the huge distance between us. It's always a delight to hear from you. I hope things are fine at your end. Wishing you all the best of things.. and all of the love and joy your kind heart can ever hold. All from the loving hands of God who watches over you.

    Take care always. Hugs! :-)

  5. So is it the same in our catholic religion. And true faith resides in the heart... and not in one's mind.

    Thanks for coming by, Renu. May God's blessings pour out upon you and your family in huge measure for health, peace, and love.

  6. My dear Sie,

    You have said it beautifully --- "..BUT God has showed me that He allowed these situations for me to learn and be was a hard way I should say..BUT I have always had Faith that God has seen each pain and in His time and perfect will..the desires of my heart will be answered.."

    Everything in our life has a special reason as God so designed. Let's pray for the gift of understanding to be able to see and understand God's plan for our lives.

    God bless you and your children.

  7. Thanks, Sana. :-) Delighted to see you. May your day be blessed with tons of good cheer, peace, and love.


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