Thursday, April 26, 2012


In the most part of life and living, one goes through the deep valleys of trials and strife. We each get that ... our share which comes to us in different shapes, forms, intensity, degree or measure. And we respond to it just as diverse as those experiences. But when everything we do or try to do to ease the weight of the burden bearing down on our frail human shoulders does not work or does not seem to solve it ..... we frantically search elsewhere for that much desired help.

Some of us, if not most of us, look to God for help. We look up to the heavens in our weakness, helplessness, or desperation ... surrendering our burdens to Him. Sadly we seem to have made Him a God-of-last-resort. (But that would take another post; next time).

Have found this wonderful version of PSALM 121 from the Illustrated Family Bible Stories (WS Pacific Publications, Inc.) brought home by my youngest daughter one evening. I am no strict bible reader but I do have my favorite stories or verses in it which I take to heart for comfort, peace, consolation and inspiration. Or simply to get acquainted with God more, better and best.

This is PSALM 121 .....


I look up at the hills,
and wonder where I will find help.
My help comes from you, Lord,
who made heaven and earth.

You will not let me stumble,
you will not doze off while you shelter me;
you watch over Israel
and never doze off or fall asleep.

The Lord watches over you,
he is right there at your side giving you shade
so that the sun won't burn you during the day,
nor the moon harm you at night.

The Lord will save you from all trouble,
he will guard your whole life;
the Lord will watch over you as you go about all your business,
now and always..


God is our help in all times. But we sometimes forget that, we forget that we are in the able hands of a Magnificent God. And this is what I'm trying to say. Believe....  with much faith, or a bit of faith, or none at all ... but learn to believe and have faith though it be the size of a mustard seed. Fact is, that is all that God needs to work the miracles you want to see in your life. It's just a heartbeat of belief and faith away.

Blessings to you all ... in more ways than one from the hands of a loving GOD.


  1. Ellen,

    So true that most of us turn to God only when in trouble. I think I had told you earlier that there is a famous couplet which when translated says that - When sad we all remember God but during happy times none remembers God, If you remember God during happy times, why should sad times come.

    Take care

    1. Maybe we have been so deeply entrenched in the image our parents and elders have long taught us.... that God is way above in the heavens and sits on His throne looking down on us. So then we relate to Him as we do people we know of higher positions or with people we have placed on a high pedestal of honor, homage, respect, and worship. With that we have a difficult time with the new thought of God being right here with us... sharing in both our joys and sorrows. He has made Himself available to us ... meaning the happy joyful times, the sad times, and especially in the times we struggle with strife and tribulations. He is a god of both the sun and the rain.... in the changing seasons of our lives.

      Blessings to you and your family, Jack.

  2. I can't add anything more Mam Ellen..God has always been there..sometimes we may not feel His presence but truly we are His children and I can't question Him on how He has shown His great love through my adversities and weaknesses..visiting you po.. ;)

  3. It's always such a pleasure to see you visiting, Sie. Delighted! You know, I too have been through tough times in my life. And yes, God always keeps his promise not to ever leave us. He's always there for us.

    Thanks for your lovely visit. Blessings!


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