Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Just a thought this morning (after a chat with a friend yesterday) ....

A human being is the most insecure creature ever on this planet.  He goes to all lengths to protect that, real or not, which he perceives makes him feel whole; conserve it, contain it, prolong it. Thinking that doing so will increase his value, make him worthy, and preserve his (again) perceived integrity as a person.

Why is it so hard to understand that we do not need all those unnecessary frills or some add-on to character to function or matter?   Why cling on ferociously to a high position or power when your integrity has been compromised? Why believe stubbornly on something although good but which has already gone passed its time or usefulness and has become quite irrelevant? Why keep close to your heart things or people who did nothing but take you down to losing your self-respect and dignity? Why hold on to someone you think you love when you always find yourself on its battered and bruised edge? What are the reasons you hold on so tightly and can't let go?

Admittedly we all have our reasons BUT Isn't there a bigger lesson we should be learning in this? And until we do we are ... Living our temporary lives with the sword of insecurity hanging over our heads and presenting a thousand-and-one reasons other than our inability to learn to appreciate who we truly are and deserve to be ... as Children of God, by God's design. Believe it or not, there alone lies our power.

You say 'work in progress'? I agree. Let's stay on track then.
Go through the fire if you must but come out much wiser.
As grandma would say......
'Appreciate self sans the hang-ups.. insecurities.. the frills or an ugly add-on or two.
God may be patient but Time waits for no one. Make this journey count where it should.'

God be with you with blessings a hundredfold.

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