Monday, January 20, 2014


Hakuna Matata ....means no worries.   “To find hakuna matata you must look beyond what you see.” That’s what the guru monkey said in that movie ‘The Lion King’. 
No worries. But how does one live without worries? We worry about a lot of things.... the monthly bills, illness, losing our teeth, losing our jobs, bad choices, rejections, messed up relationships, leaving home, losing loved ones, unhappy past, unknown future, growing old, our stupid choices, school exams, junior-senior prom, the girls talking behind your back, betrayal, conservative moms, strict dads, wanting to fit in, wanting out of it, and every other tiny or huge reason to worry. We even worry about world events. We just worry. I worry. All these can prick and gnaw at the edges of character particularly at the core where it can really hurt most. Worry and worrying is huge. It can break you. I’ll tell you that it broke me many times there in my life.

So how do we get to that point of --- ‘Hakuna matata’?
You must look beyond what you see.

That place beyond what you see of cares and strife and everything else possible working to upset you in life and in the world, that belief that just as much as bad happens self-caused or not ... so will good. You just have to look beyond what you see and find the good that is simply waiting to happen. And if you put in everything you’ve got of faith, strength, determination, perseverance, and hard work.... gosh, it’s really going to happen!
And you’ll be too busy to worry at all. Hakuna matata! Hard? Of course it is! But what’s stopping you from trying? You do know that something good is just around the bend. You do know that good happens. And this keeps you believing, having faith, and pursuing your dream. And if you must know, I too keep believing, having faith, and dreaming. Hakuna Matata, friends, just like many more out there that believe, has faith, and worry not. It is a wonderfully blessed life! Decide that it is.

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