Friday, November 25, 2016



--------- We know that life is short. That all that is given us by the Divine is ... today. The present time wherein we live our truest selves... good or bad. Yet I also think that we still are given the choice to plan or manage it according to our preferences or likes or dreams or goals. But when you or me or they are through with all of that and soon realize that, like it or not. life is not all about us though it seems or appears to be --- we come to a halt and think about it. Because life is truly not just all about you or me..... not about our individual preferences in clothes, shoes, books, cars, hobbies, talent, career, profession, food, vacation, job, travel destination, people etc.... Life is so much more than that!
Because life is also about sunsets and sunrises... seas and oceans... forests and mountains... plants and animals of such rich diversity... countries and their domestic concerns... universal problems... diversity of culture and race... differences in all the areas of life and living where people inhabit... and so much more.
These things fill up our day. With and through all these we learn... unlearn... and relearn. These are the very things that make up a day in the life of a person. And the very things which help or make us grow. But that also depends on you .. on us.... respectively. We alone can make our day matter... or not. We alone can make the day and life worth living... or not. We alone can decide whether to continue living in our ivory towers and comfort zones or go down and out where real living is.
Still..... whatever may be there in our minds and hearts gathered through the years, we must each strive or aspire to live life today as if it was our last day on this lovely planet. Live ---- love ---- learn ---- and grow not just the self but for others, too. Because today... the present day... is indeed special. Special means, I think, living it with the rest of humankind. By God's design.

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