Friday, August 4, 2017


Was with a good friend on the phone a few days ago and got into a good chat which covered about every subject under the sun. Well, those closest to our heart anyway. On matters in which we have opposite or diverse opinions we simply agreed to disagree. She's a bright one and I find it very interesting to engage in conversations with her. And funny, too, which makes for a lively chat.

This one got us both on the same wavelength. A very interesting one (or two) if I must say so myself. 😊😊
----- When things are what they are no matter how you'd rather have them different, there's nothing much you can do about that really. When you have no control over it, that feeling can be quite frustrating.

----- Why is it that some good lessons are learned quite late or later in life? Learned earlier or younger could have served a very useful tool for many good things desired. 

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