Sunday, October 1, 2017


Good morning, folks 'Hope your weekend is coming along just fine. Here's an interesting poster shared from a friend's fb page. I'd like to share it with you, too.

---- Just my tiny thought on that poster. 😊

Life, as many say it is, is one big university of learning. There are many things we should be learning undoubtedly. We did with the past... we do with the present.... and we should with the future. So it never stops whatever your age, whoever you are, no matter the feathers in your cap.

But we should also learn to ---- unlearn. 

Meaning we should try to shed off those layers in our person which do not or no longer serve us a good purpose. Or maybe through the years have shown us nothing. Negativity is one of those. When those habits of negativity stand as a wall or seem to block efforts for further improvement or that of moving on with life, then those should be peeled off and thrown to the bin. Say goodbye to it. The sooner the better. Perhaps not without pain or inconvenience but... worth the effort we would be putting into it. We'll be far off better without it than with it. Comfort zones are a comfortable place to be... yes. But no learning is ever done there. Neither can true happiness thrive in it.

When done, then finally and easily we can and to quote Shakespeare ---  listen well, think well, earn, forgive, feel, try, love, and live! And try be truly happy!

Learning is a life journey taken one day at a time. And if perchance we fail to grasp the lesson or lessons the first time, life will send it back to us repeatedly until we finally get it! 😊

Oh yes... I'm still learning. See you in class!


  1. You are so right - great reminder for my day :-)

    1. ... and to mine, too. Wishing for you a lovely day. :-)


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