Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Was just sitting on the couch listening to the birds chirping merrily outside my window as a brilliant sun shines ever so brightly and I would presume will be expectedly hot in just a few hours or less. The weather man says it will be the hot season setting in by the middle of the month. Well, it's being felt already this early. But happily with this fine morning comes the wind rocking the tops of the trees. Now that is just the perfect foil to a hot day! Or if not, it would at least dilute its inconvenience to many.

Well, I'm waiting for the morning TV news to come onscreen. There's a lot going on in our time. I'm not political; I'll leave politics to the politicians. But I'm curious just like the rest of you. And we have our own individual views on every matter. All good. Free country.

Sana lang, we try to focus more on the positive. There are a lot of good in our lives, the people, our country if we just look hard enough. The universe says nothing is all bad nor is it all good. There's always a balance there.

"In Chinese philosophy and religion, two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang) whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things." (Thanks, Google)

Every person has his or her yin and yang, too. We each interact with that. It shapes our relationships, our perceptions and beliefs, our likes and preferences, our choices. We are attracted to certain qualities in a person because it pretty well aligns with our preferences in character and personality. On the other hand, we distance ourselves from what we consider obnoxious in others because it does not ride well with what we consider good.

I remember this being said by Mom long ago.....

"Learn to appreciate. Be guided by your heart."

She spoke in general terms, she meant to appreciate everything. Nothing specific such as beautiful expressive eyes.. long silky hair.. poise and personality.. firm muscles and a fit body.. intelligence and wit.. money and position. Although, she added, that those have their own places and reason in our world.

She taught me a lot, in essence she meant -- "Appreciate all that is in life, the diversity it brings to you, both the good and the bad. Each are there for a reason. And if you're smart you will understand that it's there for you. Each is destined to play a role in your growth, progress, development. Nothing happens by chance or by accident. For that you should be very appreciative and thankful. Because you have all the help you need to grow.

Life is not a leisurely cruise down the boulevard. If it were, you would have certainly missed a lot. And have nothing worthy gathered on your plate.

See with the eyes of your heart. And appreciate its purpose in the bigger tapestry of your life. Appreciate everything around you... life, things, people, nature. And if you're with people family and friends, say it -- speak it -- tell them that you appreciate them. Now. Don't wait till the end of their lives to tell them so.

Remember nothing is all good nor is it all bad. But it's there for a definite purpose and reason. Appreciate what it does because without them you wouldn't be standing where you are right now.

All by Divine Design."

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