Sunday, April 15, 2018


I don’t quite remember who said this…. “Ordinary is special if passed through the heart.” Or maybe I simply forgot to write down the name. I found this quote on a small slip of paper as I sorted through old files intending to remove stuff which no longer serve its purpose. It’s regularly done to keep files down to the minimum because I don’t have much space to hold things and stuff in the house. Having the penchant for taking down notes or anything worthy for the writing (done 24/7 anytime-anywhere-anyplace), I would say to you yeah indeed ‘have gathered so much to fill up several plastic bins which have made our limited store room space its permanent home. So before the room explodes to the rafters like a paper bomb, I might as well make serious effort to trim it down to manageable levels. Thus the frequent sorting.

Now back to the quote…..

It made me think…..

Firstly, several things are rendered or labelled ‘special’. Those could be experiences, moments, things, possessions, places, and people. Maybe a particular song which brings back lovely memories every time it’s played on the radio. Or maybe there’s a particular brand of car which you hold dear to your heart because it was your first car bought with your own pay check. Or you consider this particular person a very special friend because he or she has stood by your side through thick and thin through the years. Or you simply can’t make yourself discard this sweater which apparently has seen better times because you wore it on your first date. 

But have you thought about this, it’s not really the thing per se which makes it special. Although some things are regarded special by some people for its artsy design, high monetary value, or being itself exotic and rare. 

A song is just one of many thousands composed... a car one of several brands on the market… a friend one of dozens in a select group you’ve bonded with… and the sweater one of three items you wear to fight off the cold on occasions. Just the ordinary usual familiar everyday things in our life journey. Which usually are commonly ignored or taken for granted. They're just there.
..These things pass through our hearts ...touching it ---creating experiences, milestones, moments, memories. We are made happy or sad by it. But each time we would respond to it too…with our hearts.
That, in any language, makes it special. Very special.
Have a lovely weekend, friends. God bless you. I SEE you. YOU are special.

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