Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Whenever I look back to the life I have lived (something which everybody does once in awhile), it makes me want to smile. Generally speaking, that is. Because at some point or points somewhere there admittedly I cried buckets, too. 'Was angered -- disappointed several times – frustrated – confused – betrayed – worried mountains -- dealt with illness and losing loved ones – saddened over broken promises -- hated some and wished them banished to hell -- loved many -- surprised to the hilt -- delighted to the bones -- lost hope at some point but got it back again -- inspired by moments with every beating of my little puny heart -- questioned my God over some difficulties but which He simply shrugged off with a smile and with a tiny miracle which got me back on my feet again (how do I know He did that? Simple, felt it in the heart.)
Well, don't we all? We each in our respective spheres of life and living go through times which eat up our morning, noon, and night and everything in-between. We are one or the other at certain points in our human lives. Rising and setting with the sun... and sparkling with the stars or not. Sometimes staying long enough at a certain point with stuff on our minds, hearts, and souls engaging us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. These things build us up or break us down. We become what our experiences make us to be.
That is our story….. Our history….. Our book of life. It’s made us who we are today. Both the good and the bad in our humanly flawed self. Imperfect but perfectly put together, for a reason by divine design.
But ...

🌺 notwithstanding all that has happened to us (good or bad), we must come out of it all as much better each time. It is what we have made of ourselves or who we are today, which truly matters. It is how we respond to everything that is life that makes the cut. Sure that can be quite a struggle or a challenge to many of us. It is to me. Always will be. But 'anything that does not kill us, will only make us stronger'. Remember that line?
It is learning our lessons well and becoming authentically the person God meant us to be. It is when we grow, develop, mature, progress to become better persons from the persons we were yesterday. It is when we become better that puts a smile on God’s face.
That, by the way, is the goal of our temporary lives.
Have a great day, dear friends. God bless you all!🤗🌹


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