Thursday, September 24, 2009


The day is almost over. So what was today like? Overcast skies, dreary news on TV, and people everywhere I look just plain darn busy. Oh but busy is okay. Yeah, we need to be busy to put bread on the table, to send our children to school, to put clothes on our bodies, to buy things and stuff, to feel secure, to be important, to be respected, to achieve something, to reach for the stars.

The only problem I can see is --
they seem such a huge burden, like life is nothing but...

getting busy, doing busy, thinking busy, talking busy, dreaming busy, playing busy, praying busy.

Really. Is that all there is to life and living?? No joy?? You tell me.


  1. My Mom told me in my childhoos..

    Busy [erson is not the one, who does not get time fr few things. Busy person i sthe one, who adjusts his time for every thing ..:)

    It inspires me every minute to be busy and i love to be busyyy :)

  2. Ah, now there's a difference there -- To quote you >> "..Busy person i sthe one, who adjusts his time for every thing ..:)" Unquote.

    And I hope the priorities are not lopsided. Besides we need to apply the brakes sometimes... before we lose ourselves in the hectic days of our lives. :-)


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