Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The tropical storm Ondoy aftermath.

Courage is the unspoken language of the hurting and suffering.

This is just several of many other images... and there are many more much heartbreaking than this.

Flooded streets, crowded evacuation centers, broken families, sick babies, the helpless elderly and handicapped, destroyed homes, roads, landslides, etc. Homes, livelihood, and lives were lost. Thousands have joined hands, resources, and energies in relief operations but so much more is needed for food, warm clothes, shoes, medicines, drinking water, shelter --- and too of hope, strength, courage, faith, prayers and miracles.

TS Ondoy/Ketsana hurt my country and people more than anything else imagined.... To all kindhearted souls listening out there...



  1. Ellen,

    The devastation caused is really saddening and heart moving. This also brings out clearly that inspite of all progress we are still puppets in the ways of God.

    Take care

    PS : I will visit site suggested and see what can I do.

  2. HI Ellen,

    I too heard about this ketsana in news..wanted to drop a msg fr u ...

    hw abt ur area..?? hope every thing is fine with u and ur family..

    Natural disasters hurt alot..

  3. Hi Jack,

    I think what has happened is clearly a message sent out to everyone to all nations --- that we should take care of Mother Earth. The raging waters were not only because of the heavy rainfall but also because of our denuded forests. These allowed the waters to run freely down to the cities carrying along with them all that got in their way. Maybe this time everybody will pay attention.

    God bless your good heart, Jack. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. God bless you!!

  4. Hi Pramz,

    Thank you for your message. My daughters and I are fine. We are situated on higher ground in Antipolo City. We consider this truly a blessing. Thank God!

    Blessings to you and your family.


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