Sunday, July 18, 2010


Prayer is not just a word but it's the only common language known the world over. It is spoken in all the different languages by a vast multitude and diversity of race, culture, and creed. Oh but don't we all know that!

But one more thing I do know.. it's the only 6-letter word around with heart permanently attached to it. Man or woman, young or old -- a poor man living on the streets or the president of a country or a little kid of 5 or a life-weary old man of 80 -- they all have their hearts tied up in their prayers. So many things to pray about -- life, death, healing, success, provision, protection, guidance, relationships, ambitions, dreams, goals -- everything contained in our life struggles is reason for a prayer at one time or another. Even in our mundane pettiness and whimsical desires. Oh yes, ever heard how kids pray? And maybe some adults too.

No lengthy phrases and offerings need be said nor sacrifices be presented although it will not harm to do so too. It is as according to one's faith and belief. But prayer need not be much of a burden for anyone to do. A whisper or a silent tear or silence can be a prayer too. All that is needed or ever could be needed is already there in the heart. Pray with it.

Though the different ways of praying, only the heart knows how to pray well. Only the heart sends off the plea directly to the Holy Throne. Only the heart is heard loud and clear. And only in the heart is where you are you in prayer.

"When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart."
--- John Bunyan


  1. Hi Ellen;

    A beautiful post on prayer...:-)

    Yes, I agree with you that it's only the heart who knows how to pray...

    I did an acrostic on prayer, too, which is my latest post in my blog.

    have a nice day, God bless!!!

  2. Pleased to see you, Amity! :-) I've gone to your blog and saw it -- it was beautifully done.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones.
    Thanks for your lovely visit.

  3. Dear Ellen,
    Good Evening!
    A very good post on prayer!I loved the quote a lot;so touching!
    No need of words to communicate with GOD!Tears and silence are stronger.
    Surrender!God Is Love!
    May God Bless You!
    Wishing you peace and happiness,

  4. I have heard that prayers require more of heart than tongue.When our souls are on their knees,only then true prayer commences with our hearts in communication with God.Is prayer more an attitude of humility and surrender to a supreme power than verbal requests?

  5. Ellen,

    I seem to be having too many Empty Days as you say. Nothing scheduled but days fly. One can never have an empty day. Maybe lesser hectic or work. Mind keeps running and ideas keep forming. When one is not even aware that he or she is reciting a prayer, that is the one from heart. And that is the one which God hears on priority.

    Take care

  6. Hi Ellen, what we wish in heart becomes prayer or deep wish based on one's belief.. u r right.. wish with heart and have the heart without words..only feelings rule..:) well written..

  7. Cannot agree more with you. That's a hotline to the Heavenly Seat.

  8. Hi Anu,

    I like what you say >> "Surrender!God Is Love!" Because he is indeed love. And his love is the greatest love of all.

    Thanks for coming by. It's always a pleasure to see you. God bless you and your family.

  9. Hi KP,

    Anu has an answer to your question >> "Is prayer more an attitude of humility and surrender to a supreme power than verbal requests?" >> "No need of words to communicate with GOD!Tears and silence are stronger. Surrender!God Is Love!"

    You say it beautifully >> "When our souls are on their knees, only then true prayer commences.." That's true!

    Thanks for coming by. God bless you and your family.

  10. Hi Jack,

    Oh yeah, don't we all have such days?! :-) You say "..One can never have an empty day. Maybe lesser hectic or work. Mind keeps running and ideas keep forming.." -- and I agree 100%.

    Thanks so much. Have a blessed day.

  11. Hi Pram,

    You are right > "..what we wish in heart becomes prayer.." :-) I hope that your day is fine and everything is wrapped with blessings. Thanks for dropping by. May God bless you with peace, joy, love, and happiness.

  12. Hi Thomas,

    "..hotline to the Heavenly Seat." -- That's perfect! :-) Thanks for taking time off to come by. Hope that your day is coming through so pleasant for you and yours. God bless!

  13. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful post!!!!!Yes its a prayer that has the power to change the world for us!

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  15. Oh yes indeed, Sana, and why we should be praying more :-) .. if we are to change the world. Always a pleasure to see you!

  16. We should pray more and sin less...prayer is a powerful thing. God bless.

  17. Yes I agree that prayer need not any type of language to communicate with GOD.........
    Monica Sharma

    I'm sorry, Monica, but I have to politely decline the ad you posted along with your comment shown above. But thanks just the same... and thanks too for dropping by the blog. God bless you.


  18. Hi May,

    Yes, prayer and praying for others and self too are good things. Especially in the area of sin. We all need help in that arena, that's for sure. Cos nobody is sinless nor perfect - we are flawed. God knows that. Yet never does He judge hastily his people, instead He gives them all the grace to overcome sin. It's not an overnight thing tho, as we all need to do a lot of learning with it. But we have a very loving merciful patient and forgiving God!

    Thanks for coming by the blog.
    God bless you and your family.


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