Saturday, July 17, 2010


I don't think that an empty day is just what it is... empty. And I don't think that self is wasted on an empty day. Because every thought, movement, word even the tiniest of it matters. Whatever life that comes out of self resonates in time and leaves its mark on anything everything it lands on... now, tomorrow, the future. Believe it. Because you matter; it's not the day -- it's all about YOU.


Every thought that passes through your mind could have the potential of a bright new idea, invention, creation, inspiration, knowledge which in its own time will give birth to wonder, awe, and magic. Every word spoken could in its own way inspire, encourage, strengthen, influence, or initiate a blessing. And each enlightened movement you do sends off a message to the universe to carry out the noble thought behind it.

All these even on an empty day like today.


  1. Your posts are truly inspiring. Each of it is filled with optimism that seems infectious. Thanks for spreading hope and joy around :)

  2. Hi RGB,

    Don't we all need to rest our weary hearts and souls (I do!) from the hustle-and-bustle of life? and wouldn't it be wonderful to find a quiet place of rest away from it all? I humbly offer my blog to be that place -- a mountain-top moment of reflection and rest.

    And if I could make but one person smile through this blog too.. then my day is made. :-)

    Thank you for such a lovely visit and comment. Blessings to you, dear friend, and your loved ones.

  3. This post reflects the central theme in the book 'The secrets' by Rhinda Bryne that our thoughts,good or bad, create similar vibes at several levels at different places to bring about an outcome as per our thoughts.Hence the emphasis to think ,dream or act positively with optimism.I love your posts that are short,crisp and erudite always.

  4. Indeed, KP, how wonderful it is ---similar thoughts perceptions and insights as shared by others in an authentic way too. :-) I hope to find that book here; it will certainly make for an interesting read.

    Am deep into a book right now. Found this in a book sale the other day. Will share about it in a post one soon.

    Have a blessed day.

  5. I am now halfway through reading the book The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne and I wished to be a changed person once am done reading it.

    Like what KP has said, your post here reflects the central theme of the book...

  6. Hi Amity,

    I haven't read that book yet but I've read some reviews online. So I will wait till I get the chance to read what appears to be a very popular book now. :-) :-)

    May your journey to self-knowledge and discovery be a fruitful and
    blessed one. God be with you.


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