Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sixty-one long years on this planet... now I can say that I know what it is and should truly mean. But so do you, he does, and everybody too. But... that would depend on how you look at success -- how you have experienced it.

Some equate it with higher education and knowledge, fame, fortune, titles, top positions, circle of prominent friends and people, a mansion or a dozen houses around the country or the world, and a thick fat bank account. Yup, those too can be called 'success' but I am not referring to that kind! Nope.

Success, the one that truly matters in my book, is that which springs out from the very best in people.... from the core of their being – where the good resides. I like that definition and that is what I look for in every person I meet. It's not the fine clothes or jewelry, nor the gorgeous houses and expensive cars, nor the titles he or she attaches to his or her name -- these are not the things that my eyes seek out. Although such things can sometimes be so distracting irresistible awesome and overwhelming, that’s true -- But too appreciated in its own set context and purpose. Some people have indeed worked hard half of their lives to achieve that and should be given due credit for.
Unfortunately, this gem within a person is often buried deep down within by a mound of garbage gathered up and accumulated by that person’s journeying through life. Internal garbage, that's what it's called. It's the negativity some people tend to absorb without a fight or the least bit of resistance. Greed, envy, dishonesty, anger, cheat, malicious gossip, tyranny are but a few of those negative influences or forces in our lives. These things push down to the bottom the good that’s there but which isn’t paid attention to. Whatever 'success' may be derived this way as it can be used too to further ambition or goals (some people do it)... will be of the kind that will attract similar warped attitudes and beliefs. No other. It leads nowhere. It’s just a vicious cycle which turns over and over and over. That's sad.

To my mind, the thing or things which stand out in any event, circumstance, or situation is that or those which reflect the goodness of heart. The one true underlying reason for the giving of one's time, effort, energy, talent, knowledge, and even resources -- is none other than the intrinsic good which resides in a person's heart. This is what I look and search for, appreciate and admire tremendously, and value deeply. And if a person is capable of doing it at any time-with any people-under any circumstance --- To have achieved God’s blueprint for his or her life… to be a good human being not only to one’s self but to others as well – THAT then, I think, is the true valid authentic SUCCESS in any language form or interpretation.


  1. me first:-)))

    VEry true:-))

    People come on this planet... spend their life... seraching for the purpose... leading life inserach of their own being....

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    Glad to see you, Chakoli, after such awhile. How are you? Say, I went to your blog and also left message there. I liked your new post... that was funny!! :-D

    Always take care.
    God bless you & your family.

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    thats was sweet gift:-))
    I guess each time I have to be First:-))))

    Yup saw ur message and replied as well:-))
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