Monday, February 9, 2009


Meeting up with my close friends is a joy and such a bag of significance. The hours spent with them will end up revealing something odd or new but which never fail to tweak my interest. It amazes me no end to see a ‘different’ person coming to the lunch table every time and sharing her world with the rest of us. At one time I will be seeing starry eyes, deep smiles etched on sunny faces, or an amusing bounce in their gait. Then on the next get-together everything is replaced by furrowed brows or drooping mouth or attitudes gone stale.

Is that strange? - Maybe, maybe not.

What may appear to be ‘different’ may be simply life happening to that person -- The peeling off of unwanted layers of one’s existence. Life always does that – shaking off what needs to be discarded i.e. old thoughts, opinions, perspectives, perceptions, experiences, feelings. When these no longer have any use or don’t work as well as they used to or have worn itself out, then it should be rid of immediately. Otherwise it will only hold us back to where we want to go or where life wants to take us. Life will nudge us to learn new things which hopefully might help bring us to our better selves and too ease our continuing journey down the road of life.

We’re never always the same person really. That is, if we pay attention to the lessons life sends our way each time. And learn them well.

"All of us every single year, we're a different person. I don't think we're the same person all our lives." -- Steven Spielberg


  1. Rightly said....all our thoughts & actions keep changing with time

  2. Hi Pesto!

    Ah but it is always nice to see you! Heyyy, I have just been to your blog. lols That was some Bacardi experience. :-) But you were having such fun. Too bad it had to end that way and with a bad hangover. lols

  3. great post...change is synonym to wants us to metamorph into what we need to be..

    Nice post..i always feel so good dropping at ur place..

  4. And I always feel good seeing YOU here! How are you!? Everything okay? How's your family? :-)

    I saw your recent post -- and I was blown away! Beautifully expressed and written. Am looking forward to more like it henceforth. :-)

    Thanks for your lovely message.
    God bless you and your family.

  5. hi Ellen...
    we are never always the same...
    except our soul and heart, and the true feelings with truth as base.
    somtimes i feel that though everything changes something is always there that remians constant...
    but u know, loving and enjoying the changes can result in soe surprising future benifits...

  6. Well said, Amit. :-) The something there which remains constant is you as an individual -- with your own uniqueness. The process of change serves to preserve that uniqueness without it being marred by the garbage which life and events and people throw our way -- and we tend to pick up. That is what's being peeled off - removed by change. And even works to take you to a better self. Thus as you have said ... " ..loving and enjoying the changes can result in some surprising future benefits..." :-)

  7. Hi Pesto,

    Oh it's still being written lols :-) There are about 3 or 4 thoughts fighting for attention lols .. but one has eventually succeeded to get itself into print. I'll be posting it soon.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    See you -- here or in your blog.


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