Sunday, March 29, 2009


At every chance I can get I try to punch in the idea that our todays are far more important than our yesterdays or tomorrows. You know, there is nothing one can do about the past or of the things which have had their time. Neither can one do more for tomorrow ---if nothing is being done today.

It’s as simple as that.

But still I see and hear people whining for the better times of yesteryears. And a few more so angry over the bitter lessons of the past. Like it was yesterday’s fault that today isn’t good. That’s a waste of time looking back trying to find fault there. If there is anyone or something that must be responsible for the hits or misses of life --- that could only be us. Whether bad times and bad things happen or whether life could be better or so we think, we still have some control over the situation. Maybe, just maybe we may not be able to change our situation but certainly we can control or change how we think look or handle it. It can only be as good or bad as we see or make it to be.

We must understand that the odd and crazy things which happen to us are not there to mess us up, although it appears to be that way. But that is only the appearance of things. The best part of that experience is at its core --- where the pearls of wisdom reside. You have to get to that. You have to scratch through the hurting and painful surface of the experience and dig deep down to the heart core where the good lessons dwell. Because in truth, heaven does not throw ‘garbage’ in our direction, rather it pours out blessings in bucketfuls. Although sometimes it may not be easy to see it; I know because I’ve been through that too. But trust me there’s always a blessing in there just for you. Yes there is because blessings often come wrapped in strange uncomfortable packages.

Tomorrows – what is it about tomorrows that you have to die for? It’s not even here yet; it’s off in the far farthest distance. And do you even know if you will get to it if at all? Why measure your life by the yardstick of tomorrows. There’s no assurance there. It’s a void, an empty space, a big unknown, a I’m-not-sure-what’s-going-to-happen place. You’re so fixated on the idea that tomorrow is all that matters. So you gear yourself up to do everything in your power and resources to get that tomorrow you want and in the process sacrifice family, relationships, personal fun and laughter, health, courtesies and sensibility, even God – these things without which can unquestionably make you less and less of a person and human being.

"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are." -Calvin and Hobbes

Come to the present.

Come to your TODAY. This is where good things begin – where you can build your dreams and miracles – where life is happening in all its beauty wonder and awe – where even in its sorrows a hidden gem can lie within – where you can enjoy being a husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, et al – where you can enjoy the world better as it moves along with time – where you can appreciate your presence and contribution to the rest of humankind – and where you can be blessed a thousandfold. This is where you learn and discover who you are and what you can do.

Here is where…
-you can work to vanish the shadows and fears of uncertain tomorrows.
-you can build sturdy bridges to your tomorrows transforming it into one you desire.
-you can begin building your dream.
-you can put in your best work – your best self.
-you can truly live courageously
-you can create your miracles

Here is where you will know that what you do with your todays define your tomorrows. This is where you belong.

Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. Today is the seed time, now are the hours of work, and tomorrow comes the harvest and the playtime." -- W.E.B. Du Bois


  1. Hi Ellen, I am back to work and look forward to frequent interaction with you now that i m in office. As you know all this while i was occupied bringing up my son and as i did not have 24X7 net with me i could not keep in pace with you. Hope you understand the course of circumstantial change i gone through and accept as well as keep me the same.

    i have come up with a couple of blog at my blog and hope to see you there tooooooo.


  2. Pearl!! what a lovely surprise!! I thought you were gone from blogging for good. Am so glad that you're back now.

    Oh so you left work for some time to raise your son. I think that's wonderful. And it's also good to know that you're back at work. That would make it easier for us to get connected again.

    Okay, I will be going over to o3.indiatimes to see your new blog post. Welcome back to the blog world. You have been missed a lot.

    Take care please.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Ellen,

    A couple of days absence and look at what I missed. I agree with you one need not give up just because dream seems too far off. One has to keep trying or change to better option. Options are always there,only we have to see them. You have rightly said Past is gone, no need to fret over it except remember the lessons learnt, tomorrow is unseen so it is today which matters. If we keep our effort to make today worth living, tomorrow will be ok.

    You can visit me here also under the same name.

    Take care

  4. Hi NG,

    Delighted to see you again. :-) Thank you for your message.. you've said it all well. By the way, have gone to your o3 blog awhile ago and left message there too. You chose an interesting subject to write about. Will be coming back for more of your writing. Take care now. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. lovely inspiring post...Ellen...
    present is the only reality...
    our only chance make the most our of...
    our only opportunity to b happier...
    best wishes...of course for the present...

  6. Hi Amit!

    Lols how well you can read my mind! Indeed today or the present is actually all that we have and is such a lovely gift from a loving God.

    And I wish you too all the very best in your Now.. the Present.. your Today. God bless! :-)

  7. HEy Allen ... a parallel thing of Yesterday-Today-Future also happens when people think of past decisions and wonder if they were right or wrong. Often fretting over seemingly wrong decisions.

    I strongly believe that we never make right or wrong decisions. We make the 'best possible' decisions at that point in time. We choose what seems to be the best possible alternative.

    In hindsight, they may turn out to be beneficial or not so much beneficial. But we should not forget that they were the best possible alternatives by our own judgement at that point in time.

    With that in mind .. we should move on and focus on the decisions of Today rather than yesterday.

    And yes ... Your blog always inspires ! Thanks for writing :)

  8. Lovely to see you again, ShoOOonya!

    Oh yes indeed I agree >>> "...I strongly believe that we never make right or wrong decisions. We make the 'best possible' decisions at that point in time. We choose what seems to be the best possible alternative.

    In hindsight, they may turn out to be beneficial or not so much beneficial. But we should not forget that they were the best possible alternatives by our own judgment at that point in time. "

    And that is where the BLESSINGS lie! If we look deeper into it we will realize that the 'best possible decisions' we've made are the blessings which we needed as they serve a specific purpose in our life or some good learning for us - by God's design.

    I hope that you will come often, my friend, as it is always a pleasure having interesting conversations with you.

    Have a blessed day. :-)

  9. Ellen!! Dear, dear, friend! Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for your beautiful encouraging words! what a pleasure to hear from you. It has been too long since I have visited your blog, I lost a lot of my links but since you have visited me I can now find your spot again and bookmark it!
    We are not promised tomorrow and can not change yesterday, but for today we are BLESSED!
    I love the WEB Dubois quote!
    Happy Resurrection Sunday!
    Be Blessed my friend!

  10. hi ellen.
    alam mo, i felt na nandito ka sa harap ko while I was reading this. Maraming situation na sa sobrang pagiging worrier ko eh, i forgot to live "in the now"...
    thank you for reminding me about that. Your blog is so powerful.
    It's amazing.


  11. Dear dear Regina,

    Blessings to you, tons of it, and to your family. It is great seeing you again. :-)

  12. Did you say 'worrier'! Ay naku, Gratitude, that makes two of us. But as we grow older we just learn to cope and too realize that worrying does nothing but make life simply miserable. So enough of it. Magbagong buhay na tayo. lols! Life is short, i-enjoy natin. O di bah?!

    Take care.
    Hope to be seeing you again soon. :-)

  13. Hi Ellen,

    May be its my current state of mind thats making me put across a question- so please help me understand, Isn't it possible to make today a better day especially if it's for tomorrow? Or its just that we shall ignore the worries for tomorrow and hence just accept the today as it is!

  14. Hi Jigyasa,

    In reply to your message here, I wrote you an email. Check your gmail box. :-)

    Love it when you come, especially when you have questions tucked up under your sleeve. Lols! :-)

    See you around.
    Do please take care.
    God bless you & your family.


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