Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's a lovely morning out here now.... warm sun, gentle breeze, birds chirping merrily, and the bluest of skies. And I can't resist the thought of sending off a tiny prayer for everyone on my Friends List, including viewers who come by quietly not wanting to 'wake' me LOLs! Oh but I can hear your footsteps in the wind.

"May your mornings begin with the joy of life and the grace of knowing how wonderful God's love is as He tirelessly watches over your coming and going. With this gift of a grateful heart, may you move your blessings forward to others who ache for God's healing touch into their lives. " GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

See you around, fellas! Have a lovely day!

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  1. very good morning Ellen...
    happy woman's day to u n all the women...


:-) Here's where I warmly welcome you and where you leave your footprints behind with fond memories attached to it of wonderful chats and friendships. Thank you for your comments. Or send your comments to Will be seeing you in your blog too. God bless you!