Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You know what --- If there is anything which we should learn --- it's to have a WISH LIST. Put in there all those things you would like to do in your lifetime. You could maybe set down a time frame, say ... things-I'd-like-to-do-before-I-reach-thirty or forty or fifty ... or maybe you could do a variation like 'something big-I'd-like-to-do-on-my-birthday', but whatever it is MAKE THAT LIST! :-) Somebody I love just did! Thanks for the lesson, Honey! (That's my daughter in the picture weaving magic into her birthday wish.)


  1. Ellen,

    Would you believe if I told you that only wish I have is to see PEACE & HARMONEY all over before I meet my creator.

    Take care

  2. Hey Ellen,

    I have been doing that from quite some time.........but at times it frustrates when we wish- we plan and we couldnt do.......but anyways I agree to what you have said in the post.

    After all, the heart would break if we dont keep hopes :-)

  3. Hi Jack/niceguy251,

    Let's hope and pray that everyone, regardless of color race or creed, will want it too. Then all these squabbles and wars will cease --- and peace & harmony will be restored to our planet and world.

    Good to see you again.
    May God bless you and your family.

  4. Hi Jigyasa,

    Oh yes indeed! Win some - lose some. but the nicest thing about it is that when one dream fails - we can always build another one. We can do it again and again and again! One thing's for sure, that wishes and dreams indeed can come true. Hope springs eternal they say. :-)

    Delighted to see you again :-)
    I hope you have a week showered with blessings. Take care.

  5. Hi Ellen,

    I had abruptly left blogging.Today after a long time checked..........and wanted to see what my blog friends were up to.

    You are still writing great stuff....very positive posts.The page is very colorful and soothing.

    just wanted to say HI....hope u remember me.


  6. Mamsi!! I will never ever forget you. How can I? You are one of the nicest and warm persons I've met in o3. Gee, am so glad you have come... at long last. Wondered how you were or where you were. It's been a long time indeed. I hope all is fine? We have a lot of catching up to do lols! But I don't know where to reach you. Do keep in touch, Mamsi; don't you get lost again okay? :-) Take care pls. May God bless you and your family.

    Hope to chat with you soon. :-)


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