Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today is world-on-your-shoulders day. There’s problem to my left, and another to my right. Looking down a problem waits there for me too… and looking up a huge rock just waits to fall down on me hanging on a thread. So am stuck in the middle, can’t go anywhere.

Have you had that kind of day?

I guess every normal air breathing person goes through such a time. The feeling is like drowning with the waters up to your neck and rising. Or something like so dumbstruck and numb with anxiety and your feet feels glued to the ground; you’d like to run but your legs won’t cooperate.

Then you want to quit.

What -- Quit the world or living in it? Quit the thrill of facing a challenge? Quit the promise of a blessing at the end of the dark tunnel? Quit the opportunity and possibility for great achievement? Quit the potential to become a better person in winning over the struggle and strife? Quit knowing your GOD better? I can tick off dozens of reasons and things you would be losing by quitting.

Truth is, all that you need to do is…

Have faith. Believe in yourself. Believe on the ONE set of footprints on the sand when two of you are walking on it.

"Square your shoulders to the world… be not the kind to quit. It's not the load that weighs you down but the way you carry it." -Anonymous


  1. thank you Ellen, i needed something like this today...nakakalungkot na minsan naiisip ko na if there's one thing na magaling ako, eh yun eh mag-quit--pero nung naging mommy na ako,i feel there something inside me, na bigla na lang akong naging "fighter", yun na yung tinatatawag na inspiration diba, i love the part na sinabi mong ..."quit the potential to become a better person...."--i really really wholeheartedly want to be BETTER (in every way). and thank you Ellen for reminding me about that....

  2. Alam mo, lahat naman tayo ay mahina ang loob sa mga dumarating na problema sa buhay. We are never really prepared for it, kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila. But we learn along the way. Ika nga on-the-job training tayo. Lols! We become stronger with every challenge that comes our way. Being a mother did that to you (to me too). Now look at you -- strong adaptable resourceful and all the other lovely things that a mother is to her child and to her family. Indeed you are becoming a better person in every way. And will grow even better as you are a work in progress -- ika nga, God is not finished with you yet. The same goes for every living person.

    Totoo na nakakarende ang sabay-sabay na problema na dumarating sa atin minsan (considering the many roles we play in life as mother-wife-daughter-etc.), pero tandaan lang natin na andyan ang Diyos at hindi tayo pababayaan. Kapit lang sa Kanya ng mahigpit. Yun lang at aayos ang buhay natin.

    And most of all as your name suggests -- 'Gratitude' should fill our hearts for all our blessings. Madami yan -- all God-sent. :-)

    Take care. It's so nice to see you again. May God bless you and your family.

  3. Hello Ellen,
    I'm so glad you came and checked out my blog I hope you click on the follow button so you can come and see me sometimes to see what Iam up to. And I am going to follow this blog.
    Yes I read on mindsay that people are leaving that some are having trouble and there is no one to help. That's to bad because I like talking to alot of people on mindsay. It is more of a frindly nature. I like this Blogger because I can be more creative than on mindsay. And yes I have posted some of the same things on both blogs. I wanted to show my things on both blogs.
    I like you page and your daughters are beautiful. I have three daughters and one of these day's I will get a picture taken with them.
    Well it is late so I will be seeing you on both blogs.
    Your new friend
    Lots of blessings

  4. Ellen,

    I know I am late. I always say the person who wants to commit suicide though gets out of dire situation but does not know what legacy he or she would levave for near & dear ones. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I agree that a person should square shoulders and say " I CAN DO IT ".

    Take care

  5. Ellen, i am here for u today after a long time & this piece of blog is so close to each of us... Thanks to share in such a wonderful way!! Love to see u always. I am doing well. Take care twnmplu

  6. Hi Jack! so nice you're here. Nope, it doesn't matter being 'late' Lols! Still nice!

    I agree to this -- '...person should square shoulders and say " I CAN DO IT ". Thank you for your 'can-do' wisdom. Have visited your blog and found your new post interesting. Will be visiting again.

    Take care. God bless you and your family.

  7. Sweet Pearl,

    How wonderful to see you! You know, it doesn't matter if we don't connect regularly online (life keeps us so busy I know) cos you are etched in my heart as a dear dear friend and never forgotten. How good to know that you are doing well with your life. Am okay too with the roller-coaster-ride that life usually gives us. lols! But it's the package called life, right? :-) I'll be looking forward to seeing you here again soon. Take care too. Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Dear Ellen,

    My heartiest wishes to you for your B'day today.......

    With a short note.....
    Every sunrise, sunset, the changing of seasons, the tides of the sea and the history of Mother Earth are all lessons in hope. In them we see God's faithful love for us, His people. Keep on hoping then, through every circumstance, doubt and calamity.


  9. Hi Pearl,

    It's so sweet of you to send this birthday message. Thank you!

    I like this very much.....
    '...In them we see God's faithful love for us, His people....'

    Wish you and your family lots of blessings for all time.


  10. hello ELLEN...
    once again...
    awesome inspiring post..
    i have been feeling lot of workload and responsibilities recently...
    got some answers from ur post and some answers by my counseling doctor...
    u always have answers for my problems...
    u r magical...
    take care.

  11. Magical is such a lovely word, Amit. :-) But you know, God works in strange ways in ministering to our human needs and concerns. He uses places, things, experiences, or people... all at His disposal and where He sees it most needed.

    Do you know that there was a time when I felt quite low... and was online when you suddenly popped in on my ym. We had a nice pleasant chat that time. It may have been not much but it was enough to cheer me up. See? You too have your 'magical' ways. :-)

    You'll be fine; just ease up a bit. Diffuse the stress in ways manageable. Spend time with family, watch a sunset, write a poem, or listen to music. You can think up something creative, am sure of that. Make it simple -- simple joys satisfy the soul in greater measure.

    Take care. Thanks for dropping by.
    Blessings to you and your family.


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