Friday, December 18, 2009


I am doing a test of posting a picture gallery, something I've never done before. So if this does not come out right, then it will be removed. Let's see how this will turn out. Thank you :-) - (Pictures are courtesy of my daughter Amchit and her digicam)

About the afternoon walk, we do it everyday sometimes alternating it with morning walks. It's always wonderful this time spent together.. talking, talking, and more talking Lols! That's what most women do when they come together. The thing is far better than we would normally experience alone... and is made even more alive and interesting as seen through two different pairs of eyes. One older and the other younger - One a teacher and the other a student. - One a mother and the other a daughter. But both eager to learn, see, savor, and treasure another of many precious moments together.

Nothing insignificant ever eludes our watchful eyes... from wild flowers blooming on the shoulder of the road to odd looking birds hopping from tree to tree. -- From noticing how one neighbor keeps his yard clean to another's broken down fence bare and lean. -- From blaring music rocking a blue painted house to another's lonesome home quiet almost like deserted. -- From the awesome interplay of sun and clouds to lush trees bearing witness to such a magnificent display above them. -- From leaves turning dry and brown to new plants rising from the ground. All these and more are seen, noticed, and understood. All are cherished and enjoyed.

I may not be able to guess what goes on in her pretty head but as far as I am concerned - afternoon walks with her is where my happy heart dwells. And I think by looking into her pretty brown eyes I can very well say that she feels the same way too. So why don't you give it a try - take that afternoon (or morning) walk with your kid -- and you will know just what I mean. :-)


  1. The walk in this quiet road with greenery on both sides giving a village ambience must be a pleasurable experience.It is only during walk two individuals communicate best with no disruption that one witnesses elsewhere.The pictures are very nice.

  2. Hi KP,

    I so agree ... "It is only during walk two individuals communicate best with no disruption that one witnesses elsewhere." - Thanks for taking time to drop by and for your message too. Hope your day today's filled with calm, joy and peace. God bless you and your family. :-)

  3. Hi Elen,
    This post is quite different from your other posts. It's good. When I see your family pictures, I can understand you have a great and loving family. The descriptions are good. Are the pictures of your neighborhood?

  4. hi Ellen
    i consider walking to be very refreshing, not only for the health reasons, but even other wise. Just watching the happenings around you, smiling at the little pleasures life throws your way, jus make one feel better. Even when i go travelling, i set aside time just for walking and exploring the place the way it can never be in any other mode of transport.
    take care
    PS: when i have a lovely daughter, ill take her for walks:))

  5. Hi Indra,

    Thank you. Just thought of doing something different this time. The inspiration was there, so then why not?! lols! :-)

    Well, indeed my family and I are close and bask in each other's love, care, and affection. As we both know, a family is a gift from God. :-)

    Yes, that's the road I take on my morning (afternoon) walks. It winds around the neighborhood Francisville where I live. This housing village is nestled on the slopes of the Antipolo mountains. Summer is a bit cooler up here than the plains down below - the bustling mega city of Metro Manila.

    Thanks for coming by today. Have been to your blog and left message there too. Ciao for now! God bless.

  6. I felt as if I too walked with both of you :) Its a beautiful post and the pics compliment it :)
    Loved it!!I wish you were my teacher, would have learnt so much from you..I still do :)Thanks for pouring the best!!

  7. Hello TD!

    We seem to share the same penchant for lovely walks wherever we find ourselves to be. :-) It sure is such a wonderful moment and experience... helps clear the mind of the busyness of modern living. You're so right in saying... '..smiling at the little pleasures life throws your way, just make one feel better..' 'Love that line. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by, TD. And yes -- take that lovely walk with your daughter one fine day. I hope that I get to read your story too. Take care and God bless.

  8. Hi Sana/NewBeginning,

    We all are teachers and students to each other at one time or another. The learning goes back and forth. I have learned from your blog and you from mine as I hoped you have. Let us relish this golden opportunity given us by Life to learn everything it has to offer us at every turn.

    You know I think it would be lovely to have you join me on such lovely walks. I'll bet the talking would never stop lols! :-) Take care and blessings to you and your loved ones.

  9. I wish I could have joined you too........the experience as you have narrated and the pictures that have been clicked by Amchit......both made the deal so tempting!

    Well! I am a daughter as I am yet to experience the other role........but this came as a wonderful read on my mom's b'day.

    Thanks Ellen. Keep Smiling :-)

  10. Ellen,

    Could not visit earlier as my pc was not working. If you have visited me, you will know as I mentioned it in one of my posts. Read all pending posts now. How can one ever abandon dreams? It is dreams only which make you look forward for something. And if you do not achieve goals you at least have satisfaction that you tried your best, isn't it? If we seriously count our blessings, we will understand how lucky we are. It is duty of each one of us to bear our pains gracefully and not to burden others with it. I have met many persons who when asked how are they launch into a long account of their ailments. Learning is a never ending process. I really lived your walk with your daughter. Good photographs.

    Take care

  11. I've been away for long and I can see I missed a lot. I missed visiting your blog, as it gives me peace and makes me ponder about life and how it is better lived each day.

    I love walking, too. And with my mom, yes, it makes it more special. I have a very close relationship with my mother, maybe because I am the only girl among three kids. We also walk, we go to the salon together, stroll at the mall, etc., while talking about anything under the sun.

    I bet your daughter feels the same way. I know she looks forward to walking with you, chatting with you as you both take the path which leads to a more fruitful mother-daughter relationship.

    The pictures are great. I feel like I was there walking with you, too.

  12. Hi Sashin /Sashindoubutsu,

    How lovely those moments -- you with your mom. Such a treasure! May you be blessed with many more moments such as those.

    Thank you for finding your way back to my place Lols! I missed you, young lady, with your warm friendship and interesting message. By the way, 'been to your blog a minute ago and left message there too.

    Hope you are having a pleasant weekend. God bless you and your family.

  13. I came to lose myself for a while in tranquility

  14. Hi Jigyasa,

    A Happy Birthday to your mom -- a wonderful mother who has raised a wonderful daughter, person, and friend in you! How blessed you both are to have each other.

  15. Hi Jack,

    Oh yes, that has happened to my computer too.. not just once lols! When it does it drives me crazy :-) -- luckily there's the internet cafe to fall back on. Glad they thought of that! You see, it's not just about the blog -- but it's something about the friendships in there. People who don't make this huge distance or diversity of culture hold them back from reaching out to make that connection. This I value and treasure. This world being what it is so cold and impersonal -- one does not get to see such marvel as that everyday.

    Thanks for the visit, Jack, and for your message. God bless you!

  16. Hi Philip/LostPatrol,

    Ahh so then rest in here.. for this place welcomes tired and weary souls. May God bless you with peace, calm and serenity. :-)


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