Friday, December 4, 2009


How did your morning start today? Did you rise with the sun shining and smiling with that special glow in your soul? You should; we should. The day is great, made special by the myriad of blessings strewn our way by a loving God. What others may think in their jaded minds as quite an ordinary day -- isn't really. But they can't see that because these awesomely wondrous things manifest themselves only to the simple trusting and childlike heart. Sadly that isn't what we are most times. We have shut ourselves - our minds, hearts, and souls - from that which is truly essential. All that we care about is being busy - like doing nothing is such a big crime. Busyness has its own place and time but we don't know how where and when to stop.

If we allow ourselves to be still for a moment from the hustle-and-bustle of our world, then we will be able to see the grandeur and magnificence of life and all that is in it on land, sea, and air.

--We can soar with our senses with the eagle on high,

--breathe in the fresh wisp of a gentle breeze,

--be soothed by a gentle flowing stream,

--be serenaded by the choir of birds song,

--be delighted by the sight of soft cotton clouds drifting by,

--be inspired by the height and majesty of the king mountains,

--marvel at the glorious arch of the rainbow,

--be awed by the infinite span and space of a clear blue sky,

--feel the tingling hug of cool waters at our feet on the seashore,

--savor the peace and calm of a serene sunset on the far horizon,

--and so much more; it's all up to you.

Think of these in your mind, feel it in your heart. Make these your first thoughts when you rise in the morn. The smile will come easy when the heart is full and the soul content and happy.


  1. Ellen,

    If we sit back and take our mind back to our childhood we will remember so many small things of nature which made us have such a lot of fun. As we grow other activities considered vital for survival take our minds over. School, college and then job or own venture. All this eats away the simple joys of life. You said rightly we must take some time off our daily rush to sit back and enjoy what nature offers us. Even just half an hour a day can rejuvenate our mind to take on more challanges of life. And the best way I found is to bond with children and share enjoyment of nature with them.

    Take care

  2. Oh yes, Jack, that's correct -- "...we must take some time off our daily rush to sit back and enjoy what nature offers us. Even just half an hour a day can rejuvenate our mind to take on more challenges of life. And the best way I found is to bond with children and share enjoyment of nature with them." -- Children - the little angels of our life. Such joy and treasure!

    Thank you for coming by today.
    Love it when you do everytime.
    Take care and God bless you.

  3. The list of things enmerated by you is only illustrative and not exhaustive.It is for us to open our eyes to the countless things of joy and beauty instead of getting lot isn the bustle of humdrum life.Beautifully written as always

  4. Hi KP,

    Ahh but you my dear friend never miss a thing of beauty magnificence and awe. Everything is gorgeous through your eyes. :-)

    Glad to see you here today.
    I hope that your day went fine.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. @ ellen,

    nice pictures ...

    life with its lot of complitations and as busy as it can get ... if we try to give some time for ourselves and just observe the things that are happenning in this world ... then surely we would realise, what a magnificient creation this world is ... and our insignificant part in it, as a "Soul" that we are, in this god's creation ...

    enjoy life to its fullest extent ... and life becomes so beautiful ...

    keep blogging and churning out your inspirational masterpieces ...

    cheers !

  6. Hi Vamsi,

    Haven't seen you for quite awhile. How are you? Everything's fine at your end I hope. :-)

    True wisdom -- "...enjoy life to its fullest extent ... and life becomes so beautiful ..." Somehow we have lost the art of enjoying life. Maybe it's time to change all that... and begin to see life and the world with fresh new eyes.

    So glad to see you. Thanks for this lovely visit and for your message. :-)

  7. Beautifully written Ellen,theres life in your words:)loved it!Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful photographs, especially the sunset. Stillness and silence are the crux of my life. I draw all my strength and courage from those two wells.

  9. Hi Ellen
    another post which i love for its absolute simplicity. I guess we have lost the 'art of doing nothing' due to the busyness in out lives. i guess doing nothing is something all of us need to relearn, cos the quick pace of life sometimes makes us so conditioned that spending free time seems sinful at times.
    sometimes theres this sense of guilt if i cant utilise my time doing something productive in my vacations. I hate it, but its a fact.
    i like the thots mentioned in the post. I had once written my experience of living in the now and it was a beautiful moment. I call it the Amelie Moment, after the wonderful French movie byt he name Amelie:)

    take care

  10. Hi New Beginning :-)

    So nice to see you. Glad that you have come. Thank you for your wonderful message. Warms the heart so.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    May God bless you and your family.

  11. Hi NothingProfound,

    'Stillness and silence' -- now that's profound. :-) And that's my heart's desire too.

    Thanks for this lovely visit and message. It's always a wonderful blogging day when wonderful people come dropping by. :-) Hope to see you again. God bless you and your family.

  12. Hi TD23,

    Great to see you! :-)

    'the Amelie moment' -- Wow, that's lovely! I like that. And I know what you mean.

    Thanks for this wonderful visit and message. You do know too that I like your blog much. The pictures you do are simply fantastic - they speak a thousand words. It's a blog all by itself.

    Hope you have a lovely week.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  13. Hi Ate Ellen,

    absolutely Fabulous pictures,
    have you taken all the beautiful pictures?

    And of course, your very inspiring words is simply delicious! (literally?)
    it also reminded me, when Oprah
    told about the "A New Earth", when you at least try to live in the now or "the moment", instead of jumping to your next task..
    i know, its sad, we do forget,
    but its not too late right?
    all your words is simply powerful,it melts my heart :)

    thank you for everything Ate Ellen!

  14. Hi Khel/Gratitude,

    "i know, its sad, we do forget,
    but its not too late right?" You are correct -- it's not too late!! NEVER!

    Our world seems to be harsh and cruel sometimes.. Well, it seems that way at times especially when we're feeling so much hurt and pain, or so we think. :-) So we need some moment of silence -- stillness in the soul -- to get ourselves whole again. Be energized, recharged, rejuvenated, -- to help us understand that there are things other than our cares and woes that matter in life. And these things are just before our very eyes, are simply at arm's reach, are just a breath away. It's available to us but sadly we keep forgetting that.

    Let's pay more attention when God says -- "Be still and know that I am God". There we shall find our peace, comfort, solace, hope, strength, healing, and blessing.

    Best of prayers for you, Khel.
    God bless you.


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