Monday, June 21, 2010


"Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful." --- (Ann Landers)

Now that is something we should look into, real hard. Puny mortals that we are, we tend to have such a blown-up importance of self.

We have to learn to go past these four words: "I" "Me" "Mine" "My". It does nothing but separate us from the other person. If we walk around with those four plastered all over our face, we'd be walking a lonely road deserted by other living two-legged creatures who can't stand the weight width and height of our ego.

Truth is, the only thing which really matters is not how we see ourselves nor how people see us.... but rather how God SEES us! So perhaps the big question that follows that is ---can we stand His divine gaze or scrutiny? Because like it or not, he is looking.

Honestly, we're all still a work in progress so there really is no reason for feeling so high and mighty wrapped up in our super egos. That doesn't count, buddy, not to the Big Guy up there. He doesn't care for beauty or intelligence or brilliance or wealth or position... or if your daddy is the king of Timbuktu wherever that is. But he would pay attention if he sees what we're trying to do with it or how we're using it for the greater number and better good. What we do to ourselves and to others are those things that truly make the mark.

Know yourself. Not an easy truth to take but it won't hurt to know. No it won't. Because in its nitty-gritty revelation lies your power.

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