Friday, June 25, 2010


"What comes from the heart..... touches the heart." (Unquote)

This is how we should try to live life -- connect from one heart to another. Life is too short to put up so many barriers, walls, divides.

What are you protecting yourself from? Why be afraid of what's out there or of what life can do to you? We already know that, don't we? So why behave like we don't? It's not a perfect world, certainly not a bed of roses. In fact, I got bashed and pushed around so much that I've got scars for it. No prize but scars -- but who cares. The only way to experience life is to get down on the ground and get dirty. You'll cry, fume mad, grit your teeth, curse the heavens, and hate the day you were born. And that's good. Why? Because you are living that's why. That is life. How else can you live life but through life.

But it's not all bad because in-between the hurts and pains or sometimes traveling alongside it is --- joy, wonder, awe, sweet expectations, excitement, fun and funny, tingling thrills, magic and miracles. And these are hand-born by great experiences, events, things, places, and people. These and more like it come to bless you. Realize.. be glad and grateful that 'thorns have roses' too. :-) And lest you forget, know that you are not alone because others more are going through the same things that you do. We all stand connected some way or another. By God's design.

Reach out. It's a wonderful world out there! Not perfect but wonderful.


  1. Awesome post... Loved it till the very end... specially the part 'It's a wonderful world out there! Not perfect but wonderful'

    So true & so beautiful.

  2. Aby! you got here first Lols! :-) Yeah, it sure is a wonderful world and we have the power over it... to make it better. :-) Thanks for your lovely visit. So delighted by it. Take care and God bless you.

  3. Brilliant is an understatement.It cannot be improved-so nicely and truly said.Thank you Ellen

  4. Always generous with a compliment. That's what you are and why friends find you endearing. Always ready with a kind word or two. :-) Thanks, KP. God bless.

  5. Ellen,


    I have been little erratic in visiting these days. Read 5 pending posts now. If we keep "I" above all, we are bound to fall. It is a fact that we must look at positive side, like Thorns have Roses and not otherwise. I agree we should not fall for outward qualities but judge a person for inner qualities. Yes, one should always put heart into whatever one does.

    Take care

  6. Thank you, Jack. :-)

    Oh don't worry bout being 'erratic' as you say you have been. Delighted that you have come today and shared your usual insights and wisdom with us. God bless you and your family.

  7. Beautifully written truths. There is nothing to compare to that of the human touch... the human connection. Thanks for expressing this so thoughtfully :)

  8. Hi Roxy! So nice that you could come today. Delighted! :-)

    Oh how I agree with you -- "There is nothing to compare to that of the human touch... the human connection."

    Thanks for the visit.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  9. Hi Ellen, wow..thats soo joyful read ..:) Many thanks my dear..:)

    life must be full of memories..we get memories only when we live..:)

    Take care.

  10. Now that's a beautiful insight, Pram --- " must be full of memories..we get memories only when we live.. :)" Love it!! Thanks! :-)

  11. thats a lovely post :)
    and the quote suits it well :D

  12. Welcome to the blog, Shimmer! Thank you for your wonderful message. Have left message in your blog too. You have written a good piece on friends and friendships. Enjoyed the read. Thanks and God bless you and your loved ones.


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