Sunday, July 4, 2010


--- How many times have we gone crazy over something which failed in the past? When things went wrong and we couldn't do anything about it though we tried? When people came into our lives and brought it some sunshine magic and rainbows and yet we didn't notice? When trust and expectations were thrown out to the winds by the mean hand of someone we looked up to? Such bitter thoughts and unpleasant memories can break a heart. We may try to piece it back together again if given that chance, we certainly would want to change things where it needed change. But we can't. No more. It has already gone beyond our control. Because yesterdays are now gone. Gone for good.

--- What about tomorrow? Why do we dread it so much? Why do we punish ourselves hard to achieve a tomorrow we expect to be happy with? Why do we live as if tomorrow is all that matters? Is it really? Are you sure that all those things you have fiercely gathered will assure you just that? Are you even sure that tomorrow will come? How long do you expect to live? What dreadful thoughts! Enough to lose sleep over, elevate your blood pressure, push your migraine to the edge of the cliff, and drain you of your energy, inner spark, and life. And yet tomorrow still is to be born and that too is beyond our control.

--- What then is there left for us to live? Just one word -- TODAY. Today is where we live our life. In our today is sufficient challenge, opportunity, burden, problem, joy, sadness, sorrow, fear, success and failure, and prayer. Today holds enough for us to carry. Today is sufficient unto its own. We don't need the burdens of yesterday or the anxieties of tomorrow added to the present load. How much can we carry? Today is everything that we need. Living today with the best we've got and with the best of what we are will vindicate the past and will take care of our tomorrow. And you know what, this is how Somebody up there meant life to be --- that life be lived one day at a time.

(The picture above was shot by Malen)


  1. Beautiful post Ellen , wish we humans understand this lesson early in life because by the time we understand it, we have already lost on a lot...
    Each day is precious and as imp as the one that passed or is yet to come, so its a wealth thats yet to be spent...just wasting it by getting anxious about who would snatch it away tomorrow is not a logical thing to do.

  2. Hi Sana,

    You have summed it up pretty well, my dear friend... getting the message loud and clear. :-) Love it every time you come by with your positivity. It delights me so much to have such wondrous positivity rippling on the pages of my blog. :-)

    Thank you for your lovely visit. I hope that you're having a pleasant and blessed day. God bless you!!

  3. Ellen,

    Read 3 posts now. Hope all expectations are fulfilled by the new President. Yesterday is past, Today is present and who can say anything for Tomorrow. We need to learn from mistakes of Yesterday instead of fretting over it and remember that Tomorrow will take care of itself if we work honestly Today.

    Take care

  4. I consider this a gem of wisdom from you, Jack >>>>> "...We need to learn from mistakes of Yesterday instead of fretting over it and remember that Tomorrow will take care of itself if we work honestly Today."

    The reason why I delight over your visits to my blog. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom with the rest of us. God bless you.

  5. Ellen, they say that " Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present so enjoy it."

  6. I like those lines, Thomas. :-) Right up to my belief too. Thanks for your lovely visit. Hope you're having a blessed day. May God bless you and your family.


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