Monday, August 23, 2010


Let me guess, when you see this title you probably will think... 'so what's so special about a calendar?' Well, hold on to conclusions forming in your mind or that half smile which actually is still a smile, only lopsided, but still a smile :-) ... and read on.

Here we go.

My calendar is made up of twelve months and all the weeks that make up a month, and all the days that make up a week and all the hours that make up a day and lastly but not the least all the minutes that make up an hour.

My calendar is on nice shiny smooth paper each page covering a month. On each page are small boxes which indicate each day of the week. These boxes are lined just like your grade school paper of long ago. And the space in each box can hold a short sentence or two.. or maybe a phrase. Sundays are highlighted in red.

I write on my calendar each day, each week, each month (now it's August)... writing in short staccato notes the highlights of the day. Also would draw a Smiley Sun to indicate happiness delight satisfaction or pleasure. And a Sad Sun for the opposites.

For instance, at the start of the month my youngest daughter in her new job flew to Kuala Lumpur for a conference meeting with her boss. Smiley sun. And Friday's food tasting at the residence of Kaye by Cunanan Catering. The official caterer for Christine's wedding in October. Yummy yummy dishes!! A sated satisfied pleased smiley sun. Then the Saturday that my three daughters received the Catholic rites of the Sacrament of Confirmation followed by dinner with their godfather at a nice resto. (Such fun). Blessed smiley sun. But oh the Wednesday that Pat, the street cat, died of sudden illness, not even the vet could save him. He was our adopted unofficial household cat; although he couldn't come into the house cos the dogs won't let him. Sad sad sun. And the day that the garbage truck collected the community's garbage. (You can count the times they come collecting with just one finger. Yeah! But they showed up that day.) Smiley sun still. Thursday we had Miko the cat (Persian-Siamese) vaccinated at the vet. (Oh he was a brave darling with the needle.) Amused smiley sun. And today I got back my groove on the morning walks I used to do. Weather much improved now, no intermittent rains, no rain puddles on the street, and the sun shining brilliantly like it does in summer. Felt great! Huge satisfied very pleased smiley sun.

The month isn't over yet. But each time I look at the calendar I see that I have smiled a lot more often than I didn't. The Smiley Suns tell me that. Also am reminded that blessings come -- they always do. Just keep an open mind and heart to see it. Be always grateful for the watchful and loving heart of a magnificent God. Also as I review the days of my calendar.. I begin to understand that life is a mix of happy and sad but both necessary to flavor the soup of life.

So you see, a calendar is not just a calendar -- it's what you make of it. -- Your life.


  1. Hi Elen,
    I don't usually use a conventional calender; my phone has a calender and that's my calender. But I thought that calender could have so much meaning. It's a good way to keep note of time.

  2. Oh yeah, Indra, calendar on the phone is quite convenient. It has its uses.

    The reason for my conventional calendar is more like getting the chance whenever wanted to review my days, weeks, months -- my life. It's more to see those things which matter to me --or remember those which gave me so much joy --or be reminded of times when life dealt me a lesson or two and how I survived it... Everything is there for hope, encouragement, insights, faith, fun and laughter. And it nudges me to even do much better filling it with SMILEYS to overflowing!! :-)

    Thanks for your lovely visit.
    Always great to see you, Indra.

  3. Hey Ellen
    Yet another simple but such a meaningful post. I also believe in smiling always to an extent that people think i am a fool:P i also feel sad at times n i guess its a necessary ingredient to keep me sane. but sometimes even when i am completely out of options, i tend to laugh at my miseries, n i guess at some level it does help me out than if i brooded over it.
    i really like the concept of Smiley Suns:))
    take care

  4. Hi TD! :-)Great to see you again. 'Been a long time. Let me guess, busy taking your wonderful pictures with your wonderful cam!

    Oh? then they do not understand anything about a happy heart. He is the fool who rarely laughs. :-)

    Yeah, love the Smiley Suns too. They surely brighten up my calendar and days... and life. Lols! :-)

    You too take care.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  5. Oh thats such a great idea Ellen, will surely pass it on :)
    Thanks a ton!

  6. :-) Let me thank you for wanting to pass it along. Yeah, it's a nice way to be reminded that a smile eases life's bumps and grind. The journey feels lighter with a smile and laughter in the heart.

    Take care, Sana, and God bless you.


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