Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tell you something, for one full hour today I just did nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. Didn't play music, didn't do the usual things I love doing ... researching - writing - painting - morning walk .... Just stayed still ... with myself.

So what was my point?
My point is this... that a person needs to have alone time. One has to tear down the curtain of the noise and bustle of daily living and of this crazy world we're in. I felt like I was being boxed in by the cares of the day and of life in general, that things were making my world smaller as it tried to squeeze me from all sides. I was losing control. So before it could come to that point I had to do something.... and something like cold turkey. Meaning just do nothing and be still.

So I just sat there on the couch... with all my senses awake... taking stock of my surroundings... feeling the moment.... but not reacting to it. Just sat there very still. Maxie my darling house dog got up on the couch and sat beside me as she always did but I ignored her. I simply looked at her and she looked back at me quite puzzled sensing something different in the moment. Then she shifted her position bringing her head closer to me, looked up at me again... still I did not respond. A few seconds passed then she placed her head on my lap and kept still... just like me.

Yeah, nothing earth shaking in that moment but there it was --- my lesson in peace and calm. Felt every knot in my tense muscles, stress and anxiety in my nerves, clouded brain cells --- all drain away just like waves that rush up to the shore and wash away the sand back to the sea.

Alone time -- that's what it does to a person. It unties the knots, clears the cobwebs in the brain, energizes, recharges, restores, heals ... and gives you the chance to pet a lovely dog whose pretty dog eyes tell you that she loves you!


  1. Ellen,

    Absolute necessity in today's world full of hustle and bustle. I do go off to my own world even while in company.

    Take care

  2. Hi Elen,
    Ya...sometimes it's important to be left alone. It helps you get rid of the pulls and presure of life and be yourself. When i get stressed in office, I quitely walk out without letting my colleagues know.


  3. Hi Ellen,

    All these times i thot i was crazy doing such acts... People used to say how i can shut myself like this... i could never expalin how wonderful it feels after that...

    I do it very often.. and a moment ago when i was feeling smothered by something... right now... a new ecstasy has just found me.. its amazing.. i sit by river.. or in a an open field.. sometimes.. may be the silent and deserted church...

    Great! :) :) Glad u experienced it... and certifying i am sane! :)

  4. Hi Rup,

    You know what, I certainly would love to sit by the river or in an open field too... and I do like sitting inside a silent and deserted church. Now since that isn't always available or possible, I simply find my quiet place in the house. And my family respects and understands me when I do. Including my darling dog Maxie LOLS! We often sit there together on the couch just .. being there in the moment. :-)

    I am sorry that people, well some, do not understand the need for alone time. But we can understand that. Cos sometimes some do need the noise and bustle of life to make them feel alive. It revs up their blood. :-)

    Let them be. To each his own noise and quiet. Different folks, different strokes. :-)

    You are sane LOLS! IN FACT, I consider you as one of the most grounded people I have had the wonderful chance to meet and be friends with.

    Take care, my dear friend, and God bless you.

  5. Hi Indra,

    Now this is fantastic >> ..."When i get stressed in office, I quietly walk out without letting my colleagues know." --- I did that too... walked round the office block; felt better after. It does a lot of good. People should discover this for themselves.. and soon!

    Thanks for coming by, dear friend. God bless you.

  6. Amazing, simply amazing, Jack >> ",,,I do go off to my own world even while in company." Have tried that too and it's great. I made my mind go on a 1-minute vacation right there in the packed conference room as the seminar was going on. I came out of there energized and feeling good. While my friends needed a strong cup of coffee to keep them awake... :-) :-)

    Thanks, Jack; great to see you.
    Take care and blessings to you and your family.

  7. :) that's what I call an energizing post

  8. And you being here is what I call wonderful friendship. :-) Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Totally agree.

    It happens sometimes to me when I just lay down on the bed and things just shut down around me. Total peace to do that.

    However, am still not fortunate enough to say that even my mind shuts down completely though :) It keeps finding something to be busy about! Sigh.

  10. Great to see you, Sindhu! :-)

    Oh but don't try to 'shut down' the mind.. cos it won't Lols!. The idea is to refocus it on things which are calm - serene - peaceful. It's like emptying the clutter from the closet. Yeah I know one can't always succeed at it but it's worth a try. Because when you finally get the hang of it... it's going to refresh and recharge your life and your day. :-)

    Truly lovely to see you here again.
    Take care always and God bless you.

  11. that's my idea of a good sunday afternoon sleep. i am, yawn, thinking of doing that now.
    nikonsniper steve

  12. :-) now that's contagious, Stephen ... :-) why am I yawning too?!!

  13. Great post.

    All of us need our privacy and quiet moments to sit still and do nothing. Also in quiet moments we commune with God and appreciate all the blessings we have.

    Sitting still is not unproductive and as you said - It unties the knots, clears the cobwebs in the brain, energizes, recharges, restores, heals ...

    Best wishes,

  14. Joseph, how delighted I am to see you and your comment. Great to know that we share the same thoughts on the subject. And we both agree that it is in quiet moments that we chat with our God more effectively.

    Take care and God bless.


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