Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Life is a dizzying roller-coaster ride and so is love. You will never get to stay at a certain point or experience as another thread rolls-in and takes you into another rolling spin. You’ll never have time to catch your breath or breathe at all. Mine took me from joy, disappointment, fear, frustration, anger, defeat, hate, puzzlement, surprise, and again back. It ran the whole gamut of emotions of that proverbial emotional range or spectrum of love and life. ----- Do you wonder if there was a point where I wished to be and stay on forever? Or another on which I wished didn’t exist at all? Yes, to both questions.

When bad times roll I literally gnash my teeth in utter confusion, anger, resentment, frustration, and despair. Things just happen in a fast clip that I’d wish so hard for the world to stop turning and let me off. It was just too much for a frail solitary vulnerable figure, which was me, to catch. Here’s a sample. Ever met the male version of ‘Delilah’? I did and I foolishly played the role of trusting ‘Samson’ to his devious portrayal of ‘Delilah’. He promised me the moon and the stars but I ended up colliding with an asteroid instead! Or -- maybe this. ‘Been through a crisis when someone dear is so ill and needs to be rushed to the hospital but nobody's there to help you at all? Who ever invented fair-weather relatives and friends huh?!! Or try this, know what it’s like to have somebody ‘steal’ your ideas, blatantly get the credit for it, and moved up the corporate ladder with nary a bit of shame in his evil soul? It sucks, doesn’t it? It sure does and you can only find it here in this seething vicious man-made corporate jungle.

So my mind was forming the idea that all these was all there is to life and love. It’s just one painful journey to another. Nothing more. But I was wrong because you know what, some unknown force from out of nowhere seemed to mercifully slow down my world, calmed the treacherous waters of my pain, parted the dreary clouds of suffering and let the glorious sunshine through. How? Know this feeling of ‘butterflies’ in your stomach when someone looks at you and there in his eyes you see yourself as the Queen of Roses – his? Remember how it feels to hold a new-born baby in your arms – yours? Felt deeply that gratitude and relief on finding one, a stranger to start with, but who turned-out to be your staunch friend in pain and sorrow? Are you familiar with the joy happiness and excitement welling-up inside you and rising to your throat almost choking you --- Because you just bagged a million-dollar deal for your boss and made them all deliriously ecstatic over it? All wonderful, isn’t it? In the midst of it all, you begin to think “Gosh, somebody up there must like me after all!” Then you cry wishing so hard that you could stay in this well of happiness forever and more.

But it isn’t like that at all. That’s what Mom would always tell me. -----“Ellen, you’ll get it all, not just one or two. Not simply happy, not always sad. You’ll have the full spectrum - the whole journey - the complete KALEIDOSCOPE of life….and love --- Maybe joyful and colorful in one, pain and sorrow in another. But everything every bit that happens to you good or bad comes with the sole intention of creating transforming turning you into that person, that very special person, you were meant to be. By God's design.”

Yeah, by God's design. When everything else fails, He comes to the rescue. But ...also He designed everything tailor-made to fit you and your uniqueness and temperament. All is for the purpose to complete the huge tapestry of life --- your life. Hard to understand that sometimes. But it will be for your well being to learn to.

(This is a re-post from several years ago. A good friend needs to see this... requested it.)


  1. So very true. I believe it too! It's only because of 'sorrows' that we're able to appreciate and enjoy the 'joys' so much more! By God's design...I really like that.

  2. Hi RGB! Nice to see you tonight. :-)

    You said it right indeed --- "It's only because of 'sorrows' that we're able to appreciate and enjoy the 'joys' so much more!"

    Have a good week. God bless!

  3. Ellen,

    Read 3 posts now. I fully agree with what you say in To be strong. One should never let success go to head. To be humble and helpful is what makes one not only strong but likable too. Of course it does not mean that one should let everyone take advantage, put foot down when required. In other two posts you have so rightly said about what life is. One needs to remember that if good times passed, so would the bad times too. One needs to face life as it comes and keep mind focused on positive side.

    Take care

  4. :) true to every word Ellen... :)

  5. Amazing post, very beautiful and very positive. I don't have words to tell you how much I liked it. Just amazing. I wish I could keep reminding myself of all that you're written.


  6. Appreciated and loved those wonderful thoughts from you, Jack. So nice to see you again! :-) Always take care okay? God bless you and your family.

  7. Rup! this is good seeing you here. Hey everything okay at your end i hope. :-) Take care. Blessings to you and your family for always.

  8. :-) you're so kind and generous with words, Aby. But know just how much it's all appreciated. Thank you! Loving it when you drop by every time you can free yourself from your blog and camera. Lols :-) Have a blessed day!!

  9. love this photo. what a beautiful setting.
    nikonsniper steve

  10. Stephen! what a lovely surprise! :-)

    Yeah it's a lovely picture but not mine. I don't take pictures.. I just paint them whenever I can. Lols!!


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