Sunday, February 27, 2011


----- I'm writing this for a good friend ...

life is not as bad as you may think it is. I'm addressing this also to those who are feeling miserable and dejected about life, someone or something this very moment. You feel that you've lost it all. Trials, life's unpopular trials. So much I'd like to say to you just to tell you that all is not lost, that life is worth another try, that nothing can put you down because nothing really can. But you must try, at least try to look at the brighter side of things. Nothing in this life is totally good or totally bad.. or all good or all bad. There's a bit of each. Like what the Chinese say... it's the Yin and Yang of life and living. One balances the other and vice versa. You can't have steak everyday -- sometimes the food is just not to your taste or liking. But you learn to take both sensibly. We get heroes in our midst and villains too. We get sunshine and rain and it falls on both the rich and the poor. We get good times and bad times. We have money in our wallets and sometimes not. Maybe it's so that our egos don't get blown up out of proportion.

So then what do you do?

You stand tall. Life's troubles may knock you down - kick your butt - bruise or scar you - shake you up big time - upset your cart - or make your dreams come crumbling down but.... you must pick yourself up, shake off the dust, and start walking.. walking tall. Because that's who you are --- strong, brave, tough as steel, determined, persevering, and armed with big hope and steady faith. That's how God made you to be.

The best thing you can do with that is to extract or squeeze out the lessons for your good learning. Life is one big university and we're all here to learn. That's why it's there --- for your learning. No other, not to hurt you or make you feel insignificant, not to hurt you mentally emotionally spiritually. Far from that. Because God won't do anything to hurt His dear beloved children. But... He will train and discipline you if He thinks you're getting off the track. Sometimes He must protect you from yourself. Now all you have to do is take heed - pay attention - and learn well. These ripples which disturb the calm of your life are only but ripples and they cannot hurt you.. if you won't let them! Be that wonderful person you were meant to be in the first place. And one more thing, let God help you.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone. God bless. -----


  1. Nice read... full of positives, full of life :-)


  2. Delighted to see you, Aby! :-) Thanks for this lovely visit. Hey that was a nice one you wrote in your blog. :-)


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