Sunday, February 13, 2011


None in the world or in life can compare to a FAMILY. So I don't understand why still some of us seem to hate our families so much. Why? Is it because they are not what you want them to be? or expect them to be? is it because they are not pretty nor wealthy nor educated nor well-positioned .. or whatever else you think they should be for you?

Sorry to disappoint you but truth is we never really get the family we may want. Because God does not always give us what we want. But He does give us what we need.

And what is it that we need?

True Humility ---- to avoid pride or egotism or narcissism.
Good Perspective ---- to avoid putting down our priorities on the unessential
Unflagging Hope ---- to trust in our abilities to survive and achieve goals and dreams
Steady Faith ---- to fall back on when life gets tough and tougher
Common Sense ---- to see and recognize our gold... in life, in things, in people
Courage ---- to be who we are when the world aims to turn us into clones & zombies

And who else can teach, show, or remind us of all that? By being just who they are, our families (they may know this or not) become the reservoir from which we pluck out all the good stuff for our own learning. That is ..... if we are paying close attention.

God gave us our families not just for the visible roles that they are tasked to play in our lives but to serve the purpose God intended to serve the bigger picture of our existence. A family is who and what they are.......... by God's design.

May God's grace and blessing pour out on all families here in Blogspot and out there in the world. Love your families. They're not perfect, true. But they are what you need.


  1. Family life today is so much different then long ago. Today we have so much to occupy our lives. Most parents work out of the home and the quality time is not spent on the children. But, deep down the love is still there and it will be if each family member treats each with respect and kindness.

  2. Yes indeed, Margaret, times have changed and spares no one. Even families. The challenge is there for parents to stick to their guns in giving their children the quality time they deserve. Therein lies the difference for parents who do and parents who don't, I guess. I too just like other parents made my choice and sacrificed a career for them. But looking at them now... I can say it was the best thing I've ever done.

    Thank you for sharing; a huge pleasure to have this exchange of ideas with you. Delighted!

    Hope you're having a blessed week. God bless.

  3. Thanks for coming by, Theanne. Hey I loved your post. It brought smiles to my face. Needed that today. So thanks. Take care and God bless you.

  4. Hope your daughters doing good in her new home...wish you and your family loads of happiness!
    Keep inspiring!

  5. Thank you, Sana. Christine and Daniel are doing fine. Thank you for your wonderful wish and lovely friendship. God bless you.

  6. I agree with you. Families are never perfect and you never stop complaining. But you can always fall babk on your family. You seem to have a very happy family around you.

  7. Hi Indra! We, whoever we are-wherever we are, always fall back on our families. Who else would love us right or wrong? :-)

    Hey I like that new piece you wrote in your blog. That's real good sense. Keep writing.

    Thank you, Indra. My family is my joy and treasure. Have a good day and God bless you.


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