Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I remember this from long ago at the workplace. A colleague was feeling so smug bout his sales achievement over this other employee who didn't fare so well but was a good man and friend. Irked as I was by his attitude I restrained myself as it seemed none of my business on that issue. But I thought one better with the inten...t to prick his over-sized balloon. (Oh yes, I can do that too...:-)) To make a long story short, I typed something in huge size letters and printed it on bond paper... and hung it up on my cork board in my cubicle but made sure that it was facing the door. No one could ever miss that even if simply walking by my spot.

Here comes Mr. Smug, placed his short fat arms atop my cubicle wall and made to say something when his eyes caught my cork board. And .... he turned round, left without saying a word. Some said that he changed. But I never got the chance to know or see that cos he never passed my way again. :-)

What did I write? It was something I remembered from long ago; don't even remember who wrote it. But it sure sent home the message.....

"The final criteria is never whether one is strong or weak but whether one is ----- GROWING... LEARNING... GIVING... and RECEIVING."

We should always remember that. We're not here to show off or be so mean to others. We're here to make the best of ourselves as God originally planned. That means to be worthy to be with Him in our final home and destination at the end of our life journey. And you know that WORTHY is the highest compliment that can be accorded a person..... even in this life.

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