Saturday, June 25, 2011


If God would speak to you now up close, do you know what he would say to you... seeing you now fraught with so much anxiety worry and fear?

Allow me to quote this from the book I'm reading --- "Good Morning... God" (Pamela Steinke) .....

To quote:


"Even this. Say it often --- 'The Lord would take care of even this.' There are no exceptions, there is not one thing beyond My control and power. These are valuable lessons to be learned, and there is no other way to learn them than simply to put your faith on the line and trust Me.

There need be no discomfort in the midst of trials. Not in my presence. Discomfort comes from worry, from fear, from meeting or anticipating problems in your own power, not in Mine. If you were truly trusting Me with no reservations, you would not be uncomfortable in any situation. You would not be irritable, or depressed, or upset. You would know my rest, the rest i give so liberally to My children who are trusting Me. Is there discomfort? Then go to the source and oust it from your life. Discomfort does not come from Me and need have no part of you." -Unquote.

Now you tell me... are you seeing this with disbelief? you say easier said than done? impossible? not doable? Yup you are also correct in your perceptions. Humanly correct yet spiritually incorrect.

But only because we.. yes all if not most of us ... have not yet learned so well how to put our faith and trust in God. Our human nature is to worry. (I worry too just like you.) That's a flaw in us, among many others more. But God understands us and judges us not. Instead He shows us how to handle our anxieties in life. Gently He nudges us closer to Him knowing fully well our own frail weak souls and offers Himself as refuge.

Take it! Don't hesitate. Bring God into our lives, into our hearts, into our minds. And stick to it like hard glue no-matter-how-you-feel and no-matter-how-things-may-look to you. Open the door and let Him in. Understand that without Him, we will certainly be lost beaten overwhelmed and defeated. But with Him -- we have the power to overcome whatever it is that comes and tries to beat us to the ground. Let go of our weakness.. and LET GOD - our power source.

Write this in our hearts --- "EVEN THIS. THE LORD WOULD TAKE CARE OF EVEN THIS." Remember we have a great FATHER and KING. Don't make Him a small GOD.

May I request for prayers for the safety of my people in this big bad storm, thousands of families are being displaced by it. Thank you and God bless you.


  1. you people have all our prayers ellen...and this truly was a touching and inspiring post..keep writing ..make us keep reading you..Bless you:-)

  2. Mishi, you have the gift of being an encourager. You build up hope and strength in people. And why your visit becomes such a pleasure and delight. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you with even more to make your kind heart happy.


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