Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have always thought that when you love someone, there shouldn't be any if's or but's to it. No holding back. No conditions. You just give it your all. This could take you to the ends of the world or to making a fool of yourself for the _nth time or turn your world crazily upside down and around or simply said -- just feeling so in love and don't care a hoot if all hell breaks lose.. You simply love. And that is beautiful, truly!

But as all things in life go through change, so will a relationship. Layers get peeled off sooner or later and sometimes we don't like what we see or discover. Or maybe the other person is growing at a much faster clip and tips the scale over to that person's favor. Dissatisfaction and resentment sets in. Many reasons bring change to a person and to life. Change which upset the balance or rattle comfort zones. And this puts pressure on the relationship. Can love cope or handle that? Sometimes yes, sometimes not.

So then If the moment should come for hard decisions which would end up in an empty nest so to speak, then perhaps it is best to learn to let go. You can't keep someone or something which isn't yours anymore, or doesn't want to be. Maybe not so much losing her heart cause love must still be there .. but a loss brought about by a mind that has grown by leaps and bounds harder to rein in or catch. Letting go would make transition easier from having to not having. Further, it is just right to free a person to seek his or her own truth or grow where asked to grow or change when the heart so dictates truthfully. Certainly it will be very sad and would crumble your world, but if your loss would mean a loved one's gain ... then letting go might be deemed heroic too and would point to a beautiful heart which knows how to love and love so well. Don't you think?


  1. Beautifully written... so amazing and so true. I hope we can live by it :)

  2. Well, Aby, sometimes we discover later in life that we did just that at some point ... letting go of someone or something. Then we begin to understand.

    Have a pleasant day! :-)


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