Monday, January 16, 2012


"I have learned .....
That everyone wants to live on top of the mountain,
but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."
- Andy Rooney

Saw that quote in an email sent to my inbox on this sort-of-gray morning. But gray doesn't stop the birds from singing... Can even hear them chirping at the top of their lungs on the tree tops. Right now several have alighted atop my clothesline in the garage... singing too.

Back to that lovely quote. It's great.. the mountain top experience. Euphoria! It means goals achieved, wishes granted, dreams realized. But that's just part of the whole picture. The rest of it is that part wherein one travels from the beginning and upwards the climb. There with every determined step one takes is where one gets truly acquainted with the learning and growing and the happiness that comes out of it. The overcoming of doubts and fears, the beating down of frustrations and disappointments, the new-found strength, the birth of steady faith, the evolved unfaltering courage, the wisdom to know when to take that two-steps-backward and the one-big-step-forward thing. And if you have the right handle on ... it's going to be quite a life journey you will never ever forget. And the mountain top experience at the end of your journey.......... will be one you surely and truly will deserve.

And this is addressed to a good friend.....
So carry on with the climb. We all are.
God is watching with great love and care.
Good Luck, buddy! Blessings! :-)


  1. What more can be added to supplement the brilliant annotation to the quote?The real joy is in the climbing or growing.Thanks

    1. True and each has his own story to tell. Heroes in everyday lives. Thanks, KP, for coming by today. Blessings!

  2. Ellen,

    So rightly said. Happiness at achieving something by own efforts and hard work is something apart. And the journey has so many lessons of happiness while overcoming each challenge enroute.

    Take care

    1. Great to see you, Jack. Many thanks for sharing. Bless you!

  3. That is beautiful - the climb itself is the happy part of the adventure, not the end result. Love this!!!

    1. Thank you. Your visit delights me every time, Debbie. Pleasure is all mine. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Hey Ellen long time no see!
    I hope you are doing fine..
    Well...a lovely post by you as usual!
    I have always loved this explains a lot about life and struggle...and you have narrated it beautifully,.:-)

    1. Thanks and it's Sooo nice to see you again, Mishi. Yeah, 'been a long while. Well, you seem to be managing fine with the computer and power interruptions Lols! Quite inconvenient I should say, But I hope it's a temporary thing.

      Take care :-)


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