Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here's something I have learned from an interesting interview on the radio today....

honoring parents and the elderly
good deeds
positive thinking

All these in essence are good guides to a good life. These are simple things which need no further explanation. We're quite familiar with each. Yet we unfortunately can claim only one or two on that list while the rest have to be relearned over and over... again and again.


At the start of the new year so much have been said about good luck and bad luck. I'm not a fan. You see, even while in our mothers' wombs, already God had our respective lives all figured out.... Everything down pat to our joys and sorrows... the challenges to face... the people to meet.... and the roads to travel. Even our myriad and diversity of successes and failures. I believe that everything in it in that long journey happens for a reason by God's design. And this I believe too... that whatever the trials there is not meant to destroy us in the end as what most would think after going through tough and tougher times most of their lives (as they perceive it to be). If that happens I think that it is more of our ignorance and not because of God's neglect.

Don't get me wrong, life has not been easy for me too and I just like you have struggled with my own fears and doubts, frustrations and disappointments, hurt and pain. I may have been oblivious to its merits then because when you are in something like that you see nothing, understand nothing. But you know what, in retrospect, that was the best thing or things that ever happened to me. Nope I didn't fight back, threw no rocks, punched no face (although it was indeed a big temptation). Why? God took control of my life while I sat humbly learning at His feet. All I did was to bring them all to His care. I just sat there learning from the Master. Through it all I earned my spurs .. of maturity and wisdom. Indeed HE's the GREAT TEACHER.

There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. But there is such a thing as having the will to --- let go and let GOD --- as you go about the business of living by God's design. Blessings will come far beyond measure -- far beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. You don't need feng shui for that.

You can never go wrong believing ... GOD.
You gotta believe this, that HE will take care of everything -- if you let HIM.


  1. Your unshakable faith in God is at once a matter for delight and amazing.Faith as I have read somewhere is like putting all your eggs in God's basket and hoping that blessings would continue to be there according to what you deserve.Helpless mortals as we are acceptance on faith in God is the way to go in life

    1. I know, KP, that not many will agree to this piece. Might be some raised eyebrows there. God is not an easy subject.. nor is faith. But I write off my life experiences; i can do no more nor less than the truth. It is what it is... a life of faith. And it has been and is a blessed life. We have a magnificent God!

      Thank you for taking time to come by and for your sharing. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  2. Ellen,

    A post kindling hope for everyone who faces tough times. It is true that there is something called destiny but that does not tell us to stop making our efforts to achieve what we wish to. If we do not get what we are aiming for then we should accept it as our destiny not to have that and carry on with efforts for something else.

    Take care

    1. Hi Jack! great to see you. Hope your day was good with blessings aplenty for you and everyone in your home. Thanks for sharing. Bless you! :-)

  3. Yes Ms.Ellen I agree with you..we can't stop these circumstances in our lives..I have always believed in God's divine plans..if it is His will then it shall be given to you in His right time ;)

    1. Beautifully said, Sie. :-) You are God's child of faith. Blessed are you for you have pleased the heart of God.

      So nice to see you again, Sie.
      Take care lagi. Blessings, my friend.


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