Saturday, March 31, 2012


Oh he never misses! I meant my online friend who always sends me quotes with special instructions that I write. But I tell him that stuff like this are open to interpretations as whatever experiences a person comes up with in his own life journey. Because only when one can see himself in it does he eventually take it for his own. And thus I write. Thanks for this quote, buddy!

"People do not always make breakthroughs because they refused to quit. Sometimes they make them because they know when to quit. When they realize that enough is enough, that old patterns aren't serving them, that it's time to repack their bags."
(Richard J. Leider)

That's a good one. But are we really willing to let of old patterns? Even if we see how they serve more to block us from moving forward with our lives. Some do, some don't, and some take a wee bit longer to decide. We all fall in one or two of those categories. We each have our reasons I believe.

To make sense of our lives at whatever point we find ourselves in, we must learn to sit back and see it for what it is. Objective may be a hard word to use in this, I think, because one can't truly be objective when things are happening to self. But as a friend once said ... 'that's the point when you just have to push yourself harder to step back and reevaluate'.

Well, each of us has his or her own way of going about this. We each as an individual would know what would work for us and not. But it's wisdom to know and understand that change won't happen unless we make room for it. If we need and desire a breakthrough in our life, we need to give it some space to happen. And we can only do that if we learn to let go of old patterns that serve us no more. Of what use is holding on if it no longer is the blessing it's supposed to be?

Change may be slow but given time will eventually take us there to where we individually want to belong. That place where wonderful blessings can and will happen and where our joy is complete. Persevere to that end of a new beginning.

May God bless us all with increased faith, courage, and strength.... and the wisdom to use it.


  1. Ms/Ellen thank you for your kind words you left in my site..I was crying because life has been hard again for me..after my kids and physically abused now he is also into not giving our financial support..

    You right Ms.Ellen though our progress and change is slow at least I am getting somewhere and though I am on stumbling down at least I am determined to move forward with faith..soon I know God will give the desires of my heart in His due time ;)

    1. I feel for you. It can truly be difficult with a situation like that I know. Wishing that life be better for you isn't enough. But prayer can do a lot more than that. You have my prayers, Sie. I will be lighting a candle at my altar in your behalf. Let's lift up to God your burdens. I am sure that God will act with your best interest at heart. Hang in there, with prayers. Hugs!

  2. Ellen,

    It is of utmost importance to know when you need to change track to achieve what you wish to or even may be change goal as per changing circumstances. If one is just adamant than the name BULLHEADED describes him or her.

    Take care

    1. That's a word which aptly describes some people among us. :-) But they have their reasons. Sometimes it takes others longer to learn. We all travel the same road of learning but at different speeds - skills - attitude. How much we put into it defines who we are, what we can do with the life given us, and the measure of our success or failure.

      'Appreciate your sharing, Jack. And thank you for dropping by and taking time to read. Blessings!


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